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Dr. Phil's Best Yet

It’s time to learn how the world really works, not how you wish it worked, not how it should work, but how it really works. If you’ve been doing everything “by the book,” and your life still isn’t where you want it be, you’ve been reading the wrong book. Life Code: The New Rules for Winning in the Real World (ISBN 9780985462734 from Bird St. Books) will empower you to become a leader of your own life, and just as importantly, protect yourself and those you love. “Life is a game — and you will either be a player or be the one played,” explains Dr. Phil. “Yesterday's rules and expectations about relationships, emotions and interacting just simply don't apply any more , not like they used to ... and those who figure that out and adapt to the current world will have an incredible edge."

This book will create an urgent awareness within readers, and help them become street-smart and savvy. (from Dr. Phil's web site)

Now a New York Times #1 Bestseller!