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Guinness World Records - Most Books Toppled

On March 5, 2015, in honour of World Book Day, a Guinness World Record was achieved by United Biscuits in Berkshire, UK for most books toppled in domino fashion. Impressively, United Biscuits beat the record on their first attempt - 5318 books toppled in 2 minutes and 27 seconds surpassing the previous record of 4988 books toppled last year in Poland.

Check out the amazing video below and follow Guinness World Records twitter at for more news.

Guinness World Record broken by ... The Bachelor Sean Lowe!?

KissI'm guessing there were a few battles waging last night in Toronto over the remote control. Regardless of how the score fell in your household, the Leafs game versus The Bachelor outcome probably produced the same results: some questionable calls, a bit of dirty fighting, and quite a few broken hearts. If you're anything like me, tuning in to watch Sean Lowe court 20 girls in an epic Hunger-Games-style mêlée to the dating death is both an embarrassing guilty pleasure you try to hide and the most fun you've had watching television ever; observing a woman try to impress Sean with a flip only to fall flat on her face, watching the Leafs loose 2:1 to the Sabres, and observing a multiple car collision all seem to have a similar - can't look away-macabre fascination. Regardless, this is one admission I will probably never live down at work but that has actually come in handy for it!

That's right folks, Sean Lowe and Lesley Murphy broke the world record for longest onscreen kiss, and I bet my bottom dollar that they will have their own spread in The Guinness Book of World Records 2014! But until then, you can get your world record fix in the new Guinness Book of World Records 2013.

sean_lowe_200x200Though I'd like to say that the kiss happened organically because they had so much chemistry that they simply couldn't disengage for over 3 minutes and 15 seconds, the record breaking smooch was actually staged on a date to The Guinness Book of World Records museum in New York. Following in the footsteps of his father who currently holds the world record for longest road trip taken in the shortest amount of time, Sean can now take his place as the number one kiss-and-tell-Fabio the world over!


Spider-Man Makes Guinness Book of World Records!

On October 18th at New York’s Comic-Con more than 2,707 Marvel fans signed a giant birthday card (8 feet wide and 6 feet tall!) for iconic super hero Spider-Man’s birthday, earning the Guinness World Records title for “Most Contributions to a Greeting Card.” The famous Spider-Man turned 50 years old and the New York City Mayor’s office celebrated the event by announcing that October 14th, his official birthday, would hereby be recognized as Spider-Man Day. We couldn’t be more proud!

Are You a Dog Lover?

Maybe you have a furry companion of your own, or maybe you just love dogs. If you think that a dog is man's best friend then we have the book for you! Publisher: Summersdale Publishers ISBN: 9781849531597 CAD $17.95

The Dog Lover's Companion is the must have book for any dog lover. With quotations, stories, tips and trivia, along with classic poems by Kipling and Barrett Browning, this delightful collection is as warm as a faithful furry companion at your feet.

DID YOU KNOW According to the Guinness World Records 2010, the world's smallest living dog is Boo Boo, a four-year-old long-haired chihuahua, who stands at just four inches tall, weighs 24 ounces and eats her dog food from a teaspoon.

You'll see this and other cool dog stuff on every page! Don't wait around, go out and grab yourself a copy!


CN Tower's EdgeWalk Claims Guinness World Record!

It was my great pleasure to formally deliver to Jack Robinson, COO of the the CN Tower, a certificate acknowledging the EdgeWalk as the World's highest external walk on a building.  The EdgeWalk measures 1,167.97 feet, or 356 metres high, and participants experience a walk on a 5 foot wide platform around the entire building.  It is another amazing example of the CN Tower pushing the envelope of what is possible and into the realm of Guinness World Record territory.  And for me, what a thrill to be able to present the certificate, (which was securely harnassed to my jumpsuit), to Jack Robinson on the actual platform itself!!


Calling All Leaf Fans!

Guinness World Records Day is fast approaching on November 17th, and to celebrate, Canada is challenging record holders to register this season’s record breaking Maple Leaves for a chance to make history!

Last year’s 2010 Guinness World Records day celebrated pint size Joseph Donato of Ontario whose gargantuan maple leaf discovery led to his inclusion in the Guinness World Records 2012 Edition! Page 13 of the new edition features Joseph with his leaf at 13.6 inches (34.61cm) wide and 11.5 inches (29.21 cm) long.

The current record sits with the Tanwar family from Richmond, British Columbia (pictured above) who found a 20 inch wide Maple Leaf last December.  Think you can beat it?  Simply submit your record directly to www.guinnessworldrecords.comtogether with a signed statement of authentication by a horticulturist, an independent witness of good standing in the community, and a photograph.  Guidelines will be issued for each record submitted.  Records for the largest leaves are assessed on the surface area of the one side of the leaf. If feasible, results will be announced on 17th November, Canada’s Guinness World Records Day!!  Good luck!


Guinness World Records 2012 Available Now!

The 2012 edition of Guinness World Records is now available everywhere books are sold! Highlights include Most Dogs Skipping, Biggest Afro, Tightest Parallel Park, updated new records on classics like Longest Fingernails, and over 4000 more. In addition to 900 eye-popping photos, this year's edition offers hidden augmented reality technology: see the pictures come alive! Visit the GWR website for more details and a sneak peek...

Patrick Chan Receives Three Guinness World Records!

Patrick Chan was officially recognized by Guinness World Records yesterday as he accepted three Guinness World Records for his record breaking achievement of best score in the short, long and overall performance at the most recent World Figure Skating Championship in Moscow, Russia.  Guinness World Record Adjudicator, Amanda Mochan, put it best.  "Patrick truly embodies the ultimate in what Guinness World Records stands for, which is that hard work, focus, passion and determination can help you achieve your dreams, no matter what they might be." It is a huge accomplishment!!  Congratulations Patrick!!


Guinness World Records: Drummer Raises Money for Cancer

Donations have been pouring in from supporters as Steve Gaul of Burlington Ontario drums his way to an ambitious $100,000 goal, and hopefully a new Guinness World Record.  Steve is raising money for Cancer, one beat at a time.

For more on Steve Gaul and his inspiring story, you can check out the full story at The Toronto Star, or to watch a live stream of the attempt please visist or click on the flash player above.


And the new Guinness World Record for duct taping a person to a wall goes to...

Guinness World Record for the Fastest Time to Duct Tape a Person to a WallThat's right folks, we did it! On Guinness World Records Day, November 18, 2010, we set a time of 57.25 seconds for duct taping a person to a wall, which obliterates the previous record of 1:33! The record has been approved by Guinness! We were very surprised that we were able to beat the record in spite of my beer gut, and even more surprised that it was made official. In fact, we were so surprised that we've set up a brand new website to document our failed test runs and genius/insane "five-strip" taping strategy. Visit today!



Our Guinness World Record Attempt: Duct Taping a Person to a Wall

Guinness World Records 2011 Today is the day! Anthony and Chris will be taking turns duct taping me to a wall in an effort to beat the current record time of one minute and thirty-three seconds. The time limit is for the actual act of taping, after which I must stick to the wall for one minute.

We've had a number of test runs, and suffice it to say, we are going to destroy the current record. We have come up with a five-strip strategy with which we have enjoyed fairly consistent success. We are pumped.

I'll be putting together a video documenting our attempt along with some hilarious, armpit-chafing test runs, made all the more silly by the fact that we are all sporting bad moustaches.

Speaking of which, if you'd like to show your appreciation, please donate a few bucks to our Movember campaign.


Want to be a Guinness World Record Holder?

If so, meet me and hundreds of others this Saturday, November 6th, at 11:30 at the Toronto Zoo.  Check out their website and click on the Yo-Yo for the Do-Do link to give you all the information you need to participate, as well as informatoin on the reduced entry fees, and for all participants, a free yo-yo.   The Guinness World Record attempt is being spurred on by the Zoo's initiative to raise money and awareness of endangered animals, so not only will it be good fun, but you will also be supporting efforts to help endangered animlas and their habitats.