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PAUL JOINS THE SCOUTS wins Doug Wright Award

Last weekend The Doug Wright awards, which recognizes the best in Canadian comics and graphic novels, celebrated it's 10th anniversary as part of the Toronto Comic Arts Festival. We're pleased to announce author Michel Rabagliati won an award for PAUL JOINS THE SCOUTS (9781894994699). Congratulations Michael and to all the nominees!

Paul Joins the ScoutsPRAISE:

"Rabagliati’s work short-circuits all expectations, using a familiar style to confront difficult subjects with candour and bracing innocence.” — Globe and Mail

“His European-style cartooning is clean and deceptively loose, but it remains deeply expressive without one line wasted. Paul’s coming-of-age story, along with the lovingly rendered scout-camp scenes, are sure to have wide appeal among adults and teen readers.” — Booklist

“The Paul series is destined for a larger audience beyond the graphic novel world.” — North Adams Transcript

For more on PAUL JOINS THE SCOUTS visit:


A Study In Scarlet : A Sherlock Holmes Graphic Novel

Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, Ian Edginton and I.N.J. Culbard. STERLING, $19.50 (9781402770821)

If, like myself, you are pining for the return of everyone’s favourite mystery solving duo in the third series of the BBC’s SHERLOCK, the wait may be getting to you. Luckily for us there are ways to temper the sense of withdrawal we’re feeling. One way is to turn to the original stories but not every television viewer will go in for that. If only there was a way to consume the adventures of Watson and Holmes in a form as visual and engaging as the series we all love without having to travel forward in time (It doesn’t work; I’ve tried).

Enter: A Study in Scarlet: A Sherlock Holmes Graphic Novel brought to us by Sterling Publishing. This book is every bit as visual and engaging as SHERLOCK but pays closer attention to the original stories. It is a reader’s chance to get Sherlock Holmes’ origin story very close to the way it was originally intended but in a beautifully drawn imagining courtesy of artist I.N.J. Culbard. Ian Edginton’s attention to detail in the writing is also wonderful and many panels seem to have jumped right out of the pages of the original novel.

Comic book fans with no interest in Holmes will also find themselves lost in this book as it provides them with a much needed break from the typical superhero narratives: a break which they might not realize they need until they’ve taken it. A perfect blending of classic fiction and the graphic novel, this book could be the jumping off point for many comic fans to find a love of classic literature or, conversely, for fans of classic literature to find a love of comic books.

For readers who enjoy this and are eager for more, it will come as good news that, besides two more Shherlock Holmes entries, Sterling has given the graphic novel treatment to classics like Jekyl and Hyde, A Tale of Two Cities, and even Dostoyevsky’s Crime and Punishment.

Happy Reading!

MY FRIEND DAHMER is killing it!

Congrats are in order for Derf Backderf, whose graphic novel My Friend Dahmer (Abrams ComicArts, 1-4197-0216-5) made it to number 4 on Time Entertainment's prestigious Top 10 Non-Fiction Books of 2012. It's highly unusual for a graphic novel to garner such buzz, but My Friend Dahmer is racking up quite the reader body count. In fact, Ibid Filmworks picked up the rights to make it into a movie! In this captivating autobiographical account of Backderf's middle and high school years, he pieces together an almost sympathetic portrait of Dahmer as a disturbed young man who devolved into a notorious serial killer.

Through his quirky cartoons, we are told Dahmer's haunting story in an unobtrusive way: we see him as a loner, as a victim of a troubled home, as a self-medicating alcoholic, as a budding sociopath in the indifferent world of 1970s suburbia. Backderf's unique vantage point elicits profound insight and some serious queries: Were the existence of Dahmer demons already an indication of an inevitable sinister outcome, or could this troubled youth's life have turned out differently if someone had noticed the red-flags and just reached out to help?

Deeply unsettling and frighteningly tragic!


Happy Monday!

Since our blog has been kind of quiet, I thought I would take this opportunity to fill you in on what Manda's been up to in the new year! We've started off 2012 with lots of new catalogues and books rolling in, which is always exciting! You can view a full list of the wonderful publishers we represent and their latest catalogues here.

On my lunches I've been perusing The Walking Dead graphic novels from Diamond Book Distributors. These are a great holdover while I wait for Walking Dead season 2 to continue on TV. My bedtime reading currently consists of Paul Torday's The Hopeless Life of Charlie Summers from Orion Publishing, a great read from the author of Salmon Fishing in the Yemen.

Ellen Warwick has been anxiously preparing our exhibit at the CGTA for the end of January. She is currently reading Greyhound of a Girl, written by Roddy Doyle, from Abrams Books. This book is about a 12-year-old girl who is coping with her dying grandmother, a mystifying read for any adolescent who has lost a love one.

Mark Wilson is excited about the January release of The Knowland Retribution, a first in a series, it is available in Canada through Ingram Publisher Services. This book inspired a new Fox TV show, The Finder, which is a spinoff of the popular show Bones. The new show starts this Thursday (Jan 12th, 9pm on Global) so if you're one of those people that must read the book before seeing the movie/show - run out and get it now!

Essex County is "Super Zero"

Jeff Lemire’s Essex County is at once sentimental, melancholy and adventurous. The book is composed of three interconnected graphic novels that each hit an emotional nerve, beautifully conveying, through stark but powerful black and white imagery, the evolving nature of relationships in a South-western Ontario rural community. A top 5 spot (and the People's Choice Award) on Canada Reads' Essential Canadian Novels of the Decade and a slew of recognition from other top critics from around the country has catapulted the trilogy into the limelight.  It’s no real surprise, then, that the first story, Tales from the Farm, is now in development to become a film.

"I've been so involved in films that are primarily based on the action sequences and over-the-top visuals that this to me was incredibly attractive just based on the depth of the characters and the evocative nature of the story," admits visual effects designer, Oscar-winner and first time filmmaker John Dykstra of the reason for signing onto the project, tentatively titled “Super Zero”, set to begin casting this summer.

The film will adapt the story of a 10-year-old boy coping with the death of his parents while isolated on his uncle's farm.  At the local gas station he meets retired hockey pro Jimmy Lebeuf and the two form a tight knit friendship, escaping to imaginary landscapes to deal with the harshness of reality.  “I’m excited about the news and optimistic that John Dykstra will make an entertaining film that stays true to the heart of Essex County,” Jeff Lemire said to the National Post.

Tales from the Farm, has won numerous awards including the Joe Shuster Award for Outstanding Canadian Comic Book Cartoonist and sold out of its first printing, so expect the film and the book to make a lot of noise at this year’s Comic-Con!

Not Your Usual Graphic Novel


Empire State, A Love Story (or not) addresses unrequited love in a touching and relatable way. 

This book tells a story about a boy who follows a girl across a country to (maybe) tell her he has feelings for her. The medium of graphic novel is perfect for this story as it allows the author to depict how awkward a situation can be without having to describe it, and really makes the reader feel like they’re witnessing a scene.

There’s already plenty of buzz about this book as the author, Jason Shiga, is a successful graphic novelist. It may have not been on your radar, however, you don’t have to be an avid graphic novel fan in order to enjoy this wonderful book. With its beautiful design, it would make a great addition to any person’s coffee table or bookshelf.

Available now in hardcover (ISBN 9780810997479) from Abrams Publishing.

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Wimpy Kid 6 Announced!

Diary of a Wimpy Kid 6Get ready for an avalanche of Wimpy Kid excitement this fall! Amulet Books has announced the sixth volume in Jeff Kinney's bestselling Diary of a Wimpy Kid series will go on sale in November 2011. The author gives us a hint of what to expect:

"I'm very excited to be writing the sixth Diary of a Wimpy Kid book, which features the Heffley family being snowed in," said Jeff Kinney. "Having just experienced an epic winter in New England, I've had plenty of inspiration to draw from."

Expect a blizzard of publicity beginning with a re-launch of the Wimpy Kid website next month. And if you REALLY can't wait to find out more, check out the trailer below for a preview of the Wimpy Wonderland island on Poptropica!

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Essex County is a Canada Reads Finalist!

Essex County The CBC just announced the shortlist for their annual Canada Reads competition, and Essex County - the brilliant graphic novel by Torontonian Jeff Lemire - made the final cut!  This may be the first time that a graphic novel has ever made it to the finals!  Essex County will be defended by Sara Quin, one half of the indie music sensation known as Tegan & Sara, the week of February 7 on CBC Radio One.  Good luck to Jeff!!

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Essex County Named Top 10 Canadian Novel of the Decade

Essex CountyCanadian readers have spoken, and they've named Jeff Lemire's haunting masterpiece Essex County as one of the Top 10 Canadian Novels of the past decade.  This morning the CBC unveiled a list of 10 finalists in their annual Canada Reads competition, culled from a longlist of 40 worthy books.  The shortlist will be announced November 24th.  Let's hope they give graphic novels their proper due with a Top 5 slot for this beautiful and moving work.



Diary of a Wimpy Kid: The Ugly Truth – Today's the Day!

Diary of a Wimpy Kid: The Ugly TruthThe latest installment of Jeff Kinney’s Diary of a Wimpy Kid Series has just hit stores, and we couldn’t be more excited. Rumour has it that our favourite Wimpy Kid, Greg Heffley is about to face his biggest challenge yet as he deals with the realities of growing up. From the pressures of boy-girl parties and increased responsibilities, to all of those awkward changes that come with getting older, Greg is about to come face to face with the ‘ugly truth’ - all without his best friend, Rowley, at his side. Is getting older really all it’s cracked up to be?  Will he make it through on his own?

In anticipation of the big event, author Jeff Kinney has a special message for Canadian booksellers and for all of his fans. Check it out below, and pick up a copy of The Ugly Truth yourself!



Scott Pilgrim Autograph Session in Toronto!!!

Scott Pilgrim's Precious Little Box SetCalling all Scott Pilgrim Fans. To celebrate the release of Scott Pilgrim vs. The World on DVD, HMV is hosting an exclusive meet & greet with Scott Pilgrim creator Bryan Lee O’Malley, as well as director Edgar Wright and cast member Ellen Wong. Head down to 333 Yonge Street this Friday, November 5th at 12:30pm to meet the Scott Pilgrim crew and have them autograph one, two, or the whole series of graphic novels! The first 75 people in line will also receive a double pass to the Fan Screening and Q&A at Bloor Cinema.

For more info on all things Scott Pilgrim click HERE.

Scott Pilgrim HMV Signing