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Hear Me Out!

"Who would want to listen to a book on cd? You can't sing along to that... " was definitely my reaction when first considering audio books. More recently, however, my viewpoint has shifted as I've found the radio to be increasingly repetitive and commercial-filled. Being an avid lover of books and daily being stuck in Toronto traffic led me try out audio books.Now I can't stop!

The first audio book I tried was Michael Moore's Here Comes Trouble (ISBN 9781600244698). Not being a big fan of Moore's, I did not expect to have a strong reaction to this book. Once I got over the surprise of how soft-spoken Moore is, I became completely engrossed in the book and listened to all 10 CD's within a week.

The next audio book that I was very eager to listen to was Ellen Degeneres's Seriously... I'm Kidding (ISBN 9781609410414). Although the book is fabulous as well, I believe that being able to hear Ellen reading this greatly enhanced the experience.

Next, I plan on popping in Squirrel Seeks Chipmunk by David Sedaris (ISBN 9781600244995). This book is a collection of short stories featuring animals and should be interesting to say the least.

To sum up my I-now-love-audio-books rant, I found that audio books have given us a different way to experience literature, and are a great way to kill time when sitting in your vehicle for hours wishing you could be on your couch reading a book!

All of the above books are available from Hachette Audio.