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WARNING! Spoiler Alert!

You know that movie that everyone has seen? Everyone but you? Have no fear! This book is here to solve all of your movie watching problems! ISBN: 9780762773848 Publisher: Globe Pequot CAD $14.50 Spoiler Alert is a great way to catch up on pop culture.  It's also the perfect way to prove to your friends that you know what you're talking when it comes to movies. Robb Pearlman gives away the ending of every movie you can think of to date! Sure, you could always watch the movie and find out. But that's time consuming and a maybe even a waste of time. Don't you just want to know? For example, if you haven't already seen it, at the end of The Fighter, Mark Wahlberg.... Just kidding! We'll let the book tell you all about it.

Don't you just want to know?