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Summer Hangover

Last summer, the Hungover Owls Tumblr took the internet by storm.  Hilarious, crude, and sometimes not-safe-for-work captions, combined with photos of owls squinting, gawking, snuggling, and sleeping make for the perfect storm of LOL-humor. With over 80 percent never-before -published content, this new book is an ideal gift for Back to School. A word to the wise, perhaps?

Reprinted with permission from Hungover Owls, Abrams Image; September 2011, by J Patrick Brown.

Can. $10.95; ISBN: 978-0-4197-0083-5


One Creepy-Ass Book

This book is just what you need if you’re feeling down and need a good chuckle. The fact that these dolls actually exist somewhere is interesting, and the fact that someone came up with this concept for a book and executed it just shows that creativity knows no bounds. So kudos to author Stacey Leigh Brooks (Twitter handle @iambeelzebabee) for putting this together and writing hilarious captions for it!

You Thought You Had Problems With Your Ex?

If you haven’t heard of Hilary Winston and don’t yet follow her hilarious Twitter feed, don’t fret!

People don’t usually know who the writers of their favourite TV shows are, but Hilary was a writer for My Name is Earl and currently writes for Community, and you should definitely  get to know her. That’s exactly what this book allows you to do; in it, Hilary tells hilarious stories about her relationships with her two cats and her various romantic interests with a shameless self-awareness and wit.

For anyone who has ever had their heart broken and needed to know that others have similar experiences — here is your proof. Hilary reveals herself through her past relationships and manages to tell heartbreaking stories with a grain of salt and a sense of irony.

Available in hardcover (ISBN 9781402779794) from Sterling May 3rd 2011

This is a Book (you should read) by Demetri Martin

For those who are familiar with and are fans of Demetri Martin’s comedy - this book is a great addition to the material you know and love. As I do with his stand-up routines, I have found myself quoting this book to people while talking about how great it is.

For those who haven’t seen Martin’s comedic genius on stage or on television, his observational comedy will entertain you and will keep you flipping pages until you’re on the last one wishing there were more.

The book consists of absurdly hilarious short stories, chapters of themed one liners, and his famous charts, which will keep you coming back and wanting to share with all of your friends!

Available in hardcover (9780446539708) on April 25th 2011 from Grand Central Publishing.


Meet Mr. Funny Pants: Michael Showalter [Manda Digital Exclusive]

On March 16, 2011, comedian, actor, writer and director Michael Showalter performed a stand-up show at Toronto's Legendary Horseshoe Tavern. He was in town on the tail end of a North American tour promoting his new book, Mr. Funny Pants (Grand Central Publishing; ISBN 9780446542104). Manda asked him a few questions before a book signing the next day at Type Books on Queen Street West. Enjoy! (Warning: coarse language.)

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