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Recapture Your Glory One Brick at a Time

Lego Adventure Book Vol. 2 (9781593275129) By Megan H. Rothrock No Starch Press
Lego Adventure Book Vol. 2 (9781593275129) By Megan H. Rothrock No Starch Press

If you are anything like me, as a youngster you probably thought of yourself as an amateur architect. I, for one, could work miracles given enough time and the right resources. These resources were a giant Rubbermaid bin of Lego bricks, and a rec room floor to dump it all over. But I will admit that I was always better with a good set of instructions at my fingertips.

Whenever I reminisce about “the good old days” I often lament the fact that I no longer build things like I used to. My lamentations were brought to an all time high when I laid my eyes on The Lego Adventure Book Vol. 2. After flipping through the pages, I knew I had to reclaim my former glory and find a floor to spread my Lego over once more.  This book is full of impressive designs and tons of the easy-to-follow instructions that transform me from a mere mortal into a Lego god. Do gods crawl around on all fours and paw through giant piles of Lego? They do now!

From space ships, to dragons, to Tudor Mansions and entire city blocks, this book has something for every Lego enthusiast to enjoy. So, pick up your own copy of The Lego Adventure Book Vol. 2 from No Starch Press and join me in the ever growing pantheon of Lego superstars!

About the author

Megan Rothrock is a former set designer for the LEGO Group whose models have been displayed at ComicCon and at LEGO events across Europe. Rothrock enjoys meeting builders at LEGO fan events and hopes that her book will inspire the LEGO builders of tomorrow. Originally from California, she currently lives in Denmark where she works as a freelance toy designer.

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Books for November

Here are a few books that you should add to your shelf this month: Who hasn't missed their daily Oprah fix since her show ended in May? The Oprah Winfrey Show: Reflections on an American Legacy is a beautiful book, available 11/15 from Abrams Books. Featuring never before printed photos and plenty of celebrity contributions, this book will be a great addition to your coffee table.

Another beautiful find: this book will appeal to artists, tattoo enthusiasts, and even the scientifically inclined! Science Ink, from Sterling Publishing has over 250 photographs of science inspired tattoos. Pick this one up not only for the beautiful images, but for the accompanying text which reflects on and explains each image.

Cult of Lego from No Starch Press (distributed by IPS) is also available this month. Flipping through this book will make you want to get out your old bucket of Lego blocks and start building! Chapters delve into the history of Lego, its various uses in art and technology, and the minifig phenomenon.

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