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Laughing Elephant

Laughing Elephant now sold here!

Laughing Elephant gift & stationery items are now available through Ingram Publisher Services! Their products feature classic illustrations from sources such as antique postcards, late 19th and early 20th century children's books and vintage advertising. These images feature in gorgeous postcard books, greeting cards, stickers, and other stationery. You can browse the collection on their website, but we wanted to call attention to a few items that might peak your interest:

Decorative tape Why use boring clear tape or tacky matte tape to wrap up gifts when there's decorative tape available? The rolls come in different themes for the seasons or in generic designs like the image shown.

Original greeting cards

These greeting cards are unique enough to frame. With antique images and interesting greetings, your card is sure to be a standout.

Unique Stickers Stickers are not only for scrapbookers, although scrapbookers would definitely love these! Inspired by vintage labels evocative of far places and times past.