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Can You Swallow This?

ECW released this book in 2003, but it’s worth revisiting since the follow-up — The Woman Who Swallowed Her Cat — is coming out on October 1st!
For those who like to watch Mystery Diagnosis or are fans of House M.D. (which ECW also published a book about), this tome of bizarre medical stories is for you! Based on factual stories as absurd as they come, you’ll be itching for the next book to come out.
Being an actual doctor, Rob Myers makes these unbelievable stories come to life and each story will keep you guessing what the outcome will be. Just don’t read this one while eating!
Paperback available from ECW Press (ISBN 9781550225693) The Woman Who Swallowed Her Cat (Paperback ISBN 978-1770410619) availablie from ECW Press on Oct 1 2011.