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Amity Gaige Visits Canadian Manda Group

Not the original cover. Photo via from the article by Kathryn Schulz on Amity Gaige’s Novel Schroder. A couple of weeks ago we had the privilege to meet the lovely author Amity Gaige. Her latest book SCHRODER (Twelve | 9781455512133) is a lyrical and deeply affecting novel recounting the seven days a father spends on the road with his six-year-old daughter after kidnapping her during a parental visit. Amity graciously answered our questions about the book including whether Eric is a sympathetic character, the inspiration for the story, her son's influence on the character Meadow and the challenges of writing in a male voice. Afterwards she signed copies of her book and then headed to Harbourfront for a reading at the Authors at Harbourfront Reading Series, along with Ruth Ozeki and Jennifer Close. It was a wonderful afternoon. Big thanks to Hachette Book Group for setting it up!

Amity Gaige signing at Manda

New York Times Book Review

"The essence of the ersatz Rockefeller/Kennedy character is of course an epic, pathological narcissism, and this Gaige gets impressively right....Gaige writes beautifully....The novel's climactic chapter is also its best conceived: the item that brings about Schroder's downfall is perfect, both dramatic and mundane. The reader will realize that he or she has been given every detail necessary to see what was coming, yet didn't, which is plot-making of the highest order."

The New Yorker

"Complicated and nuanced . . . the novel is absorbing, with a propulsive plot and a narrator who is charming, ambivalent, and searching-a man driven by love who understands that love cannot save him."

The Guardian

 "It is contemplative, poetic certainly, but the narrative is urgent and concise and Gaige's storytelling effortlessly spontaneous."

The Wall Street Journal

"On occasion... a novel will provoke a host of tangled and disconcertingly conflicted reactions-revulsion and affection; blame and understanding; a connection that goes beyond surface sympathy to a deeper, and possibly unwanted, emotional recognition. These were among the things I experienced while reading Amity Gaige's astoundingly good novel SCHRODER."

Original Cover | 9781455512133

Schroder is available now!


David Ward reading at Harbourfront, and book giveaway

Above is a clip of David Ward reading from his new book, Between Two Ends (Amulet; ISBN 9780810997141). The reading took place at the Harbourfront Centre in Toronto as part of ALOUD: A Celebration for Young Readers. This is part of Forest of Reading® Festival of Trees™, the largest children's literary event in Canada with over 8000 young readers attending from May 11-12, 2011. For more information on these hugely successful events please see here and here. Thank you to the event organizers and hosts, and David Ward himself! You were all so helpful and we really appreciate being able to get some video coverage.

Between Two Ends, by David WardWe're giving away a signed copy of Between Two Ends at, our website for young readers, so head over there now to enter!

David Ward was born in Montreal and grew up in Vancouver. He was an elementary school teacher for eleven years before completing his master's degree. He is the author of the Grassland trilogy and is a writer and university instructor in children's literature. He lives in Portland, Oregon, with his wife and their three children. Visit his website!

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