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David Sedaris on the Big Screen?

cogSo many jokes start ... so a guy walked into a bar. images (1)

This one starts ... so David Sedaris walked into our Manda office. It was a few months ago while on his book tour for Let's Explore Diabetes with Owls. I was so ready to be disappointed; his books and New Yorker short stories always made me laugh so hard I cried and I just couldn't fathom of a writer being as funny in the flesh as they were on the page. Luckily, I was crying the entire time he was here - whether due to his insults or his dry humor even I'm not entirely sure.

He threatened to make one of the straight men in our office cut his meat. Then he complained that he hadn't brought his lunch and didn't see any straight men.

He did his go to - asking if any of us were smokers so he could reward those of us who were with priority signing. He explained this strange behavior by noting that the smokers among us were going to die sooner so their time should be seen as more precious.


Then he proceeded to sign our books, each one customized.  What you should know is that David Sedaris likes to draw - there was a line drawing of a fetus for our pregnant coworker, and a picture of a bloody dagger for Mark ... Enough said.

m talk pretty 2

The man is FUNNY.

And so, when I discovered that one of David Sedaris' stories, C.O.G. from his book Naked was going to become a feature film I was elated. Then I discovered that David Sedaris would be played by none other then the same actor who plays Jesse Saint James, the singing & dancing sensation from Glee. I'm curious to see if Jonathan Groff can do justice to the ever effervescent, sometimes self-deprecating and always sarcastic David Sedaris! Perhaps Jonathan can graduate from Gleekdom, and draw on his Broadway roots to become the precocious teenage Sedaris and maybe he can't.  Either way it'll be something worth watching! If it were the other way around and David Sedaris was playing the triple threat Groff, then there really would be something to laugh about - David in Broadway tights and David singing love songs to Rachel on Glee both seem equally ridiculous and hilarious.

Either way, this means I'm off to the movies for the premiere folks! But until then, I leave you with the movie trailer:


Hear Me Out!

"Who would want to listen to a book on cd? You can't sing along to that... " was definitely my reaction when first considering audio books. More recently, however, my viewpoint has shifted as I've found the radio to be increasingly repetitive and commercial-filled. Being an avid lover of books and daily being stuck in Toronto traffic led me try out audio books.Now I can't stop!

The first audio book I tried was Michael Moore's Here Comes Trouble (ISBN 9781600244698). Not being a big fan of Moore's, I did not expect to have a strong reaction to this book. Once I got over the surprise of how soft-spoken Moore is, I became completely engrossed in the book and listened to all 10 CD's within a week.

The next audio book that I was very eager to listen to was Ellen Degeneres's Seriously... I'm Kidding (ISBN 9781609410414). Although the book is fabulous as well, I believe that being able to hear Ellen reading this greatly enhanced the experience.

Next, I plan on popping in Squirrel Seeks Chipmunk by David Sedaris (ISBN 9781600244995). This book is a collection of short stories featuring animals and should be interesting to say the least.

To sum up my I-now-love-audio-books rant, I found that audio books have given us a different way to experience literature, and are a great way to kill time when sitting in your vehicle for hours wishing you could be on your couch reading a book!

All of the above books are available from Hachette Audio.