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More Book Award Nominations!

It seems like each week, the Manda team has more things to celebrate. This week we are ecstatic to extend congratulations to our 2013 Ontario Library Association Forest of Reading award nominees!


Silver Birch Express Award  – Harry Houdini: The Legend of the World's Greatest Escape Artist by Janice Weaver (Abrams, 9781419700149) This illustrated biography of Harry Houdini combines original artwork and archival artifacts—including photographs, playbills and posters, letters, and even some of Houdini’s own stage props—to bring the story of the world’s greatest escape artist to life.

Silver Birch Fiction AwardThe Dead Kid Detective Agency by Evan Munday (ECW Press, 9781550229714) Thirteen-year-old October Schwartz is new in town, short on friends, and the child of a clinically depressed science teacher. Naturally, she spends most of her time in the Sticksville Cemetery, which just happens to border her backyard. Here she finds five dead teenagers, each from a different era of the past. Soon, October befriends the five dead kids. Together they form The Dead Kid Detective Agency, committed to solving Sticksville’s most mysterious mysteries.

White Pine AwardThe Way We Fall by Megan Crewe (Disney/Hyperion, 9781423146162) As a strange new virus devastates her community, one girl fights for survival against all odds in this unforgettable modern-day dystopian novel about the lengths one will go for love.

Award winners will be announced at the Festival of Trees at Toronto’s Harbourfront Centre in May 2013. For a full list of nominated titles click here.

HBG Fall 2012 Favourite Books

Our gracious friends at HBG have sent us their favourite fall 2012 books that you will not want to miss reading. From David Foster Wallace's Both Flesh and Not to Libba Bray's The Diviners to Amity Gaige's Schroder, they have highlighted a few of their best books that will entertain, enlighten, challenge and fascinate you this autumn.


On April 7th, at the beautiful YMCA Elm Street Theatre, Mo Willems read from his hilarious and charming new book, THE DUCKLING GETS A COOKIE!? (ISBN 9781423151289) to a delighted crowd of librarians, parents, teachers and, of course, giggling children. The event, organized by Mabel's Fables and Small Print Toronto, sold-out in 48hrs! Photos below...

THE DUCKLING GETS A COOKIE!? Hyperion Books for Children Publication date: April 3, 2012 ISBN: 9781423151289; CDN $17.50; Ages 2-6

For more tour dates please visit Mo’s website:

When Books Influence Movies

It's undeniable that books influence other forms of art, especially film. It is highly unlikely for a person not to have seen a film adaptation of a book — there is even a "best adapted screenplay" award at the Ocsars to celebrate just this feat! Mourir Apres de Tois  (To Die By Your Side) is an example of a short film inspired by books. It was created with the collaboration of directing by Spike Jonze and Simon Cahn and the design work of Olympia Le-Tan. This film imagines what happens in a Parisian bookshop after the store closes and the lights are off. The book covers come to life through hand cut felt and interact with one another to a beautiful soundtrack.

So give it a watch, it's only about 5 minutes long and if you're a bibliophile like I am, you will be blown away by its beauty!



Amulet Books, an imprint of ABRAMS, revealed today in a major press announcement the title, first-printing quantity, and cover of the sixth Diary of a Wimpy Kid book. CABIN FEVER will have the largest first printing of any title in the series to date, with more than 6 million copies, making it the largest print publishing release of 2011.  In Cabin Fever, the Heffley family is stuck indoors during a blizzard. But will they weather the storm?

“A very tough New England winter inspired me to snow the Heffley family in for the holidays,” said Jeff Kinney.  “‘Cabin fever’ refers to the claustrophobia Greg feels, as well as the broader theme of the book. . . that you're trapped by the identity you create for yourself.”

Cabin Fever will go on sale November 15th, 2011.


Introducing the LibraryThing-e, an ereader from LibraryThing

LibraryThing-e, from"After more than a year of development we are ready to unveil the 'LibraryThing-e,' an ebook reader from LibraryThing. Built in a friendly and fruitful partnership with Amazon, the LibraryThing-e reader includes all your favorite LibraryThing features, and is a fully-functioning ereader designed from the ground up for hard-core bibliophiles. "Features include:

  • LibraryThing-e’s patented 'LikeaBook®' casing feels like fine morocco leather and emits a faint 'old book' smell. [...]
  • The LibraryThing-e reference collection includes special editions of the American Heritage Dictionary and the Anglo-American Cataloguing Rules, Second Edition. [...]
  • Built-in geolocation and our Readar™ technology matches your library with that of other LibraryThing-e readers nearby. A special expanded 'Unsuggester' feature tells you where your reading-nemesis is at all times."

Read the rest at the LibraryThing blog.