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Grow Your Own!

Spring is just around the corner, and along with melting snow and budding trees comes the big thaw!  Fellow green thumbs, its time to break out the seed catalogues and gardening gloves... and while you're at it, why not get the kids off the computer and into the dirt? We've got just the book to help you do it! Grow Your Own for Kids (Mitchell Beazley, March 2012, CAN $16.99) is written and designed for kids.  It shows budding gardeners how to grow the tastiest and best-ever fruit and vegetables, as well as some of their favorite flowers. 

As the desire for outdoor living, fresh food, and healthy activity continues to boom, Grow Your Own for Kids is a fun and inspiring book full of activities that kids and adults can enjoy together!



Ten years ago Dan Pearson found an extremely rare, large city plot and set out to design and create a garden space within the neglected urban oasis. His own personal garden amongst the city objects and beings. Home Ground records a year in the life of Dan’s experiences, whose beautifully crafted words reveal his personal thoughts as he watches the garden mature and develop over the course of a year.  Inspiring!

From the book:

Central, was the idea of the oasis, as I wanted to create a place that was an antidote to the hustle and bustle, the hard edges and the sheer number of people competing for space. It has been a demanding brief for the garden to be all of the things that I need it to be whilst retaining serenity and as an environment, it has to offer up considerably more than mere aesthetics. I need to be able to experiment and to continue to learn about my raw materials and because a garden is never static or finished, there has to be room for it to shift and change. I want nature, or a version of it, to be present here too and I want the seasons to be mapped in the changes."

Home Ground: Sanctuary in the City by Dan Pearson, photographs by Howard Sooley, Conran Octopus, September 2011, $35.99 CAN; ISBN: 9781840915372