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French Vintage Decor Author Teaches Breakfast Television Host How to Make Plaster Dipped Flower Art

Check out Page Street Publishing author Jamie Lundstrom discussing her new book Vintage French Décor : Easy and Elegant DIY Projects for Any Home (9781624145421) on Breakfast Television Vancouver:

Jamie is the founder of the blog So Much Better With Age. She has been featured on HGTV and the Today show, as well as in Country Living and Better Homes & Gardens. She lives in Vancouver, Canada.

You can read about her whole day with Breakfast Television on her blog here: Plaster Dipped Flower Art from French Vintage Decor on Breakfast Television Vancouver





Add That Certain Je Ne Sais Quoi to Your Home, Effortlessly

Rustic and elegant French décor never goes out of style and with easy yet sophisticated accessories for your home, these 70 projects will transform your space and add that special touch to any room.

Jamie Lundstrom's projects use easy-to-find and recycled objects, as well as new materials, to bring her French vintage style into your life. Projects span every season and category, from sewing to painting and upholstery, including provincial antique baskets, a fantastique Trumeau mirror, a jolie gold leaf frame, boutique plaster of Paris-dipped flowers and a chic antique chair. Featuring simple step-by-step instructions with beautiful photos to help guide you, these projects can be created in just a few hours or less.


We Scream for Ice Cream!

ISBN: 9781903221983 Publisher: Jacqui Small - distributed by IPG CAD $16.95

You know it, you love it, and you all have your favorites. Ice cream is one of the most delicious concoctions ever created. So it should come as no surprise to you that ice cream by the Tanner Brothers is one of the most appealing books you'll ever get your hands on. There are some great DIY ice cream recipes inside with a little something for everyone. They have a wide ranging variety of flavours and recipes including a traditional vanilla ice cream, a delectable looking strawberry semi-freddo, and for all of you chocolate lovers, they have a recipe for chocolate brownie ice cream with toasted marshmellows. Yum! Not only do they have great recipes, but, they also have some stunning photographs provided by Peter Cassidy.

This book has delicious written all over it. Don't wait around, grab yourselves a copy of ice cream by the Tanner Brothers and make your own ice cream today!

Slam On The Brakes!!

Yard sale season is fast approaching and if you're one of the thousands who loves to hunt front lawns for a steal, we have the book for you!        The sleek, tall-backed Danish modern chair that Lara Spencer snapped up for $350 at the Rose Bowl flea market goes for $1,750. That gorgeous black leather bench — a steal at $40 at an estate sale. Those fantastic 1950’s armchairs in her kitchen — a major score at just $10 for all four at a yard sale.

 In I BRAKE FOR YARD SALES: And Flea Markets, Thrift Shops, Auctions, and the Occasional Dumpster (Stewart Tabori & Chang; April 1, 2012; CAN $27.95), the sparkling, savvy anchor on “Good Morning America” reveals her talent for spotting diamonds in the rough to polish and showcase in her “double life” as a successful interior designer and antiques dealer.  The book includes 200 color photos of rooms, finds, and fixes that she has created, and Lara shows you what top designers and antique dealers have known for years — style isn’t about money. It’s about knowing what to look for, and how to put it together to achieve blue blood looks on a blue-collar budget!




Grow Your Own!

Spring is just around the corner, and along with melting snow and budding trees comes the big thaw!  Fellow green thumbs, its time to break out the seed catalogues and gardening gloves... and while you're at it, why not get the kids off the computer and into the dirt? We've got just the book to help you do it! Grow Your Own for Kids (Mitchell Beazley, March 2012, CAN $16.99) is written and designed for kids.  It shows budding gardeners how to grow the tastiest and best-ever fruit and vegetables, as well as some of their favorite flowers. 

As the desire for outdoor living, fresh food, and healthy activity continues to boom, Grow Your Own for Kids is a fun and inspiring book full of activities that kids and adults can enjoy together!


Scissors, Glue & Pine Cones

There's something heartwarming about receiving a handmade holiday card.  Knowing someone went through the effort to find the scissors, draw some nostalgic mistletoe and craft a personal note gets me every time.  Knowing this, it should come as no surprise that I'm a sucker for handmade decorations too.  On any given tree, my eyes seem to gravitate towards the papier mache angel hung with a piece of frayed red yarn, or the paper snowflakes heavy and wilted with copious amounts of white glue and glitter.  Images such as these send me back to grade school during that last week before Christmas break when all children are expected to do is decorate ginger bread, sing carols and go on nature walks seeking out the perfect pine cones and tree branches for endless craft projects.  The stuff great memories are made of.


Enter now the fabulous new book from Stewart Tabori and Chang, Have Yourself a Very Vintage Christmas: Crafts, Decorating Tips, and Recipes, 1920s - 1960s (9781584799238, CAN $22.95)

Author Susan Waggoner recaptures the magic of holidays past with vintage crafts projects that, if you’re anything like me, you’ve been craving. Inspired by treasures from the 1920s through the 1960s, she includes simple instructions for a variety of decorations that allow crafters of all ages, naughty or nice, to deck their halls with cellophane wreaths, glittered glass ornament balls, beaded bell garlands, and whimsical, tinsel-bedecked miniature trees.

To keep spirits merry and energy flowing, the book includes a sampler of easy-to-make candy recipes. Yum.

Merry, merry everyone!




The Circle Craft show was in Vancouver this past weekend, and yesterday I decided to brave the crowds and check out the handmade goods.  I'm glad that I did, because I picked up several original tree ornaments, some pickled garlic and a big bag of gourmet candy.  (perfect for stockings... if it lasts that long!) The experience got me to thinking, as I often do around talented "makers of things" that I should really try to indulge in my creative side more and try my hand at sewing, knitting or the like.  Unfortunately, such projects just don't hold my attention and I end up abandoning ship halfway through.

Lucky for me, the new BUST DIY GUIDE TO LIFE is now available in stores and is full of fabulous tips on how to do....stuff.  As early promoters and staunch supporters of the DIY movement, BUST magazine founders Debbie Stoller (of Stitch ‘n Bitch fame) and Laurie Henzel thought it was high time they collected the best do-it-yourself knowledge into a single hefty volume. The result is a book that not only teaches readers how to knit a scarf, but also teaches a new generation of women how to create a life on their own terms. Debbie and Laurie present the best of BUST’s archives: more than 250 DIY ideas for everything from how to style your home and how to style your hair to how to support your immune system naturally and how to support yourself financially. Fun right?!

The BUST DIY Guide to Life , STC Craft | A Melanie Falick Book; CAN $32.95 | ISBN: 9781584798965