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Find Your Glow, Feed Your Soul

This a–z of self-care is a great gift for a loved one who needs a boost after a hard day (yourself included), Find Your Glow, Feed Your Soul takes you through the alphabet of cultivating purpose, inner peace, and joy in your life.

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How to Balance Your Life

Balancing your life is essential to your well-being, and by applying a few simple concepts you will live your life at a pace that is comfortable and ultimately rewarding. With practical tips on everything from managing everyday stress to finding a work-life balance that is right for you.

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How to Land on Your Feet: Life Lessons From My Cat

Take it from artist Jamie Shelman’s wry and furry felines: Cats work reasonable hours (zero), love wisely (from a distance), and live boldly (until someone starts vacuuming). Don't go without these 100 sage lessons:

- Be especially attentive to the one person who doesn’t like you.

- Get away with murder by looking cute.

- Ignore anyone who doesn't worship you.

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Eat. Play. Love.

Life Lessons From My Dog

Whoever coined the phrase “a dog’s life” should’ve tried the lifestyle first! What’s not to love when every meal is a feast, every errand is an adventure, and every day, you wake up to see your very favorite person?

Let artist Emma Block’s adorable pooches win you over with 100 heartwarming life lessons, like:

- You are never too old to play.

- Don’t be afraid to get messy.

- Overcome fear with love

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Find Your Mantra

Be mindful and present in your daily life with these 75 uplifting messages, organized by theme. Founder of MantraBand Aysel Gunar provides an inspiring introduction on the importance of positive, meaningful mantras in your life.

Whether your focus is peace, love, happiness, strength, or your journey—you'll find the perfect mantra for every day of your life.

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The More or Less Definitive Guide to Self-Care

The More or Less Definitive Guide to Self-Care is here to help you exist in the world. Borges gathers over 200 tips, activities, and stories (from experts and everyday people alike) into an A-to-Z list—from asking for help and burning negative thoughts to the importance of touch and catching some Zzz’s. Make any day a little more OK with new skills in your self-care toolkit—and energy to show up for yourself.

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Breathe, Empower, Achieve

For so many women, “work–life balance” is a myth. And when you’re already juggling a career, personal life, family, a smidgen of self-care, and the occasional need to sleep—“mindfulness” can sound like just another thing to do.

But if you take five minutes for mindfulness now and then, it may not only save your sanity—but also springboard your success. If you think you don’t have time for mindfulness, this book is definitely for you.

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Plant-Based Beauty

Plant-based beauty is part of a growing global movement that is not just about the food we eat but the choices we make when it comes to what we wear and the beauty products we use. We are more aware than ever that our personal actions have an effect both on our own levels of wellness and the health of the world around us.

Plant-Based Beauty is a practical companion to your daily routine, helping you to truly understand the ingredients you are putting on your skin and replacing them with self-care rituals to look forward to.

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