Survival Skill #1: Learn how to make fire


Fire Making: The Forgotten Art of Conjuring Flame with Spark, Tinder, and Skill by Daniel Hume, $25.95

From the San people in Namibia to the Mangyan of the Philippines, Daniel Hume has learned how fire is kindled all over the world. Now, in Fire Making, he imparts his firsthand knowledge of a variety of fire-making techniques, basics, and more!



Relearn Your Sixth Sense


The Nature Instinct: Relearning Our Sixth Sense For the Inner Workings of the Natural World by Tristan Gooley, $32.95

From the New York Times-bestselling author of How to Read Water--an exploration of our subconscious ability to "know" our surroundings even when we can't explain how. In this, the culmination of everything Gooley has written so far, you'll learn things such as how to find the forest's edge when deep in the woods or to know when a wild animal might pose danger.



Unplug and Reconnect with What Matters


Into Nature: A Creative Field Guide and Journal by Alexandra Frey and Autumn Totton, $19.95

This collection of mindful activities unleashes creativity while helping you engage with your natural surroundings. Into Nature inspires readers to explore the natural world with greater curiosity and find moments of mindfulness in everyday life.