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Gloria's Voice by Aura Lewis

9781454926665 | March 2018

Using gorgeous watercolor illustrations, this biography of Gloria Steinem introduces young readers to the leader of the women's liberation movement. Throughout, debut author and artist Aura Lewis highlights Gloria's message of equality and the importance of believing in oneself.

Marigold & Daisy by Andrea Zuill

9781454922933 | NOW AVAILABLE

Everyone's enchanted with Marigold's new baby sister. Could it be . . . she has some sort of superpower? Kids will love this sibling story with a fun twist.

... lively speech balloons offer opportunities for humorous voice impressions for added read-aloud enjoyment. Good for new older siblings.
— Kirkus Reviews

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Bagel in Love by author Natasha Wing and illustrator Helen Dardik

9781454922391 | NOW AVAILABLE

Tap-dancing bagels? Oodles of fun? Then this is the book for you!... Humorous, lighthearted fare with a heartening ending and chuckle-worthy jokes.
— Booklist
A romance for carb (and pun!) lovers who dance to their own drummers and don’t give up on their dreams.
— Kirkus Reviews

A Couch for Llama by Leah Gilbert

9781454925118 | NOW AVAILABLE

...A fun blend of realistic and ridiculous that will appeal to a broad audience.
— Kirkus Reviews
This fun read is guaranteed to put a
spring in any reader’s step.
— Booklist
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