9781454923459 ||  Price:  $14.95

9781454923459 || Price: $14.95

"A move to dusty, distant Arizona forces 13-year-old Aven to leave her familiar life and friends behind. Don't yawn: Bowling takes this overworked trope and spins it into gold with a skein of terrific twists....a tale that is not about having differences, but accepting them in oneself and others." -Booklist (Starred Review)

"The tale of Stagecoach Pass is just as compelling as the story of Aven, and the setting, like the many colorful characters who people this novel, is so vivid and quirky that it's practically cinematic...Charming and memorable. An excellent choice for middle grade collections and classrooms." -School Library Journal (Starred Review)

"...excellent educational potential...its portrayal of characters with rarely depicted disabilities is informative, funny, and supportive." -Kirkus Reviews

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