We’ve all heard how we shouldn’t judge a book by its cover…but who are we kidding, we all do it anyways! Covers are our first impression of a book—and besides, book cover illustrators go through a lot of time and effort to produce some incredible jackets, so it’s only fitting to take a minute or two and admire their work! In that spirit, here are a couple of our favourite covers for Spring titles (and these are just a few!)


A friend of mine just had her baby, so I was a little tempted to mention How Not to Hate Your Husband After Kids (Little Brown—March 21) and although I know new fathers won’t be on their phones while trying to feed their children (at least one can hope!), Dunn’s book does offer serious and helpful advice to couples about maintaining their relationship after children, and how through working together in their new dynamic both partners can achieve a sense of peace and mutual understanding.

In terms of kids’ books, The End of the Wild (Mulholland—April 11) and More of Me (Abrams—June 13) will stand out on any bookshelf. Their stories might be vastly different, but you can’t deny how well-designed their covers are. And with the drawings framing its border, the cover of From Ant to Eagle (April 1) has a simplicity to it that must be admired and that instantly draws you in.

If memoirs by well-respected Canadian authors are your thing, then Antanas Sileika’s The Barefoot Bingo Caller (ECW—May 16) has the perfect cover—a little bit of bold, a little bit of nostalgia work great together to make this cover what it is. And with praise from Miriam Toews and Will Ferguson, it’s a guaranteed must-read!

And finally, Alice & The Assassin (Crooked Lane—April 11) has a cover that strikes that perfect balance of elegance and mystery—and the smoking gun is a great added touch! Plus, who wouldn’t want to follow along with Alice Roosevelt (yes, that Roosevelt) as she goes about investigating crimes in this new historical mystery series?

So, there you have it, just a small selection of great covers and books to keep you company during the prime reading months of Spring!