Announcing Abrams Press

a text-driven imprint with a focus on
narrative nonfiction

Abrams Press will publish books that cover a broad range of categories including popular culture, film, art, design, general-interest science, nature, food topics, and more. 

“I am thrilled with the list we are putting together for Abrams Press,” says Executive Editor Jamison Stoltz, who has been charged with shaping the vision of the new imprint with the goal of acquiring a select list of great books by great writers. “These are all extraordinarily talented writers who offer unique perspectives on fascinating and diverse subjects.”

The first book to be published under Abrams Press will be Grocery: The Buying and Selling of Food in America (May 16, 2017) by bestselling author Michael Ruhlman. The book offers a provocative look at food issues through the lens of the supermarket, exploring the ways in which we produce, market, and consume our food. A mix of reportage, personal history, and social commentary, Grocery is a landmark book from one of our most insightful food writers.

“With Abrams Press, we are realizing a long-standing desire to add timely, thought-provoking narrative books to our already successful adult publishing portfolio. We want to publish more writers in our own special way. With the launch of Abrams Press, it is our moment to do so,” says President and CEO Michael Jacobs.