See the most amazing news below about Dalton Wong and Kate Faithfull - Williams' new book THE FEELGOOD PLAN (9781454919728) published by Sterling Publishing. 

High praise from Jennifer Lawrence! 

I could never live on a diet. Dalton taught me how to eat, move and live a delicious but healthy life,” Jennifer wrote in Dalton’s new book The Feelgood Plan. “I will always thank him for that.
— Jennifer Lawrence, Hello Magazine

Here is a feature that ran on February 29 in the “News & Views section” of on 

There is no doubt about it: Jennifer Lawrence stunned at the 88th Academy Awards last night in a sheer black lace gown by Dior. Not to take anything away from the dress, but part of the reason it looked so fabulous on Jennifer (aside from the fact that she is in incredible shape) was because her posture was perfectly on point.

“I tell all of my clients, ‘Shoulders back, chest up, chin tucked,’” says Dalton Wong, author of The Feelgood Plan, director of the Twenty Two Training studio in London, and, yes, JLaw’s trainer. “It automatically makes you feel amazing.
— Dalton Wong,

And, here is another feature in Daily Mail UK! Read more here. 

The Feelgood philosophy is simple: when you feel good about yourself you look your best. It is about enjoying life – and your food.
— Daily Mail UK

Other notable coverage:

  • The fabulous feature that ran on February 28 on Brit + Co.
  • Glamour Magazine will run an obliques piece in their April issue which credits Dalton and the book.
  • Us Weekly will run a fitness feature in their April 6 print issue.
  • Cooking Light will run their piece on smart snacking featuring tips from Dalton in their August issue. .
  • shot a series of exercises he demoed geared towards the older Good Housekeeping audience. 

About the Book

Celebrity trainer Dalton Wong and health writer Kate Faithfull-Williams have a powerful message to share: in just 15 minutes a day you can change your body and mind for life. The Feelgood Plan is packed with positive ideas, practical advice, and interactive quizzes. It helps you tune in to what really makes your body feel great, from quick and effective do-anywhere workouts to healthier versions of your favorite foods. Whenever you feel tired or stressed, this wonderfully fresh approach to achieving good health will get you back on track—and make you look and feel younger. There’s even a 12-week plan for putting all your healthy intentions into action!