Spring 2016 Non-Fiction Preview:  Where the Truth Lies: Selected Essays (ISBN 9781926455631) by Rudy Wiebe - "Earlier this year, NeWest Press told us where the bodies lie (see above). As the weather turns colder, however, the ever-helpful local publisher will direct us to the whereabouts of the truth. Specifically, Where the Truth Lies, a new essay collection from the venerable Rudy Wiebe." | Edmonton Journal Edmonton

Book Review: The Seven Oaks Reader (ISBN 9789126455532) by Myrna Kostash - "The Seven Oaks Reader (April), by the award-winning Myrna Kotash, incorporates period accounts and journals, histories, memoirs, songs and fictional retellings, from a wide range of sources to offer readers a new understanding of the Fur Trade Wars in the early nineteenth century." | 49th Shelf National Books

Book Review: The Book of Faith (ISBN 9781927535738) by Elaine Kalman Naves - "The Book of Faith” is a satisfying read with its blend of comedy and tragedy, romance and satire, and characters you might think you know..." | Ottawa Jewish Bulletin

Book Review: Do Not Enter My Soul in Your Shoes (ISBN 9781927494516) by Natasha Kanapé Fontaine - "Like the sharp peaks of mountain-tops between rolling valleys of consciousness, poems in Fontaine’s collection have the potential to jolt the reader with their emotional intensity and deeper message." | Prism: UF Honors Magazine

Author Interview:  Saving Her (ISBN 9781926942957) by Christian McPherson - "Christian McPherson’s latest novel, Saving Her, is amazing." | Apt613

Author Interview: Edge (ISBN 9781926794273) by Mary Dalton | CBC The Next Chapter with Shelagh Rogers National

Book Review: Every Minute Is a Suicide (ISBN 9780889843776) by Bruce McDougall - "Every Minute is a Suicide is emotionally resonant, carving a meritorious space for McDougall in Can Lit." | Canadian Literature National

Quill & Quire Spring Preview 2016:  Fabulous Fictions and Peculiar Practices (ISBN 9780889843936) by Leon Rooke, Tony Calzetta | Quill & Quire

Quill & Quire Spring Preview 2016:  Strike Anywhere (ISBN 9780889843929) by Michael Lista | Quill & Quire

Book Review:  The Grand River (ISBN 9780889843813) by Gerard Brender à Brandis; Marianne Brandis - "Any wood engraver would treasure The Grand River as a valuable addition to their library. Its lyrical and informative prose and exquisibely detailed wood engravings immerse the reader into a special, peaceful place, a pleasurable contemplation. Highly recommended!" | Block and Burin





Book Review:  The Guy Who Pumps Your Gas Hates You (ISBN 9781927063781) by Sean Trinder - "First-time author Sean Trinder manages to subvert expectations by imbuing his protagonist, and the narrative itself, with a surprising amount of heart and maturity beneath an initial veneer of cynicism." | Subterrain #72 Vancouver

Yearly Non-Fiction Preview:  Memory Serves: Oratories (ISBN 9781926455440) by Lee Maracle - "Maracle touches on the importance of memory as a way to understand the culture of Canada's indigenous people. Her oratories are philosophical, gutsy, and entrenched in personal and political history." | Quill and Quire

Yearly Non-Fiction Preview: Where the Bodies Lie (ISBN 9781926455501) by Mark Lisac - "Mark Lisac has been a reporter, columnist, publisher, and non-fiction author over the years (including stints at the Journal). Now heÕll add novelist to his resume when Where the Bodies Lie (NeWest), a mystery set in the waning days of Conservative rule in Alberta, hits stores, also on April 1." | Edmonton Journal Edmonton

Yearly Preview:  Documentaries (ISBN 9781926455563) by Walter Hildebrandt - "Poet and historian Walter Hildebrandt returns with Documentaries (NeWest), a collection of poems that looks at class struggles throughout the ages through a socialist/labour-history lens." | Edmonton Journal Edmonton

Book Review: Moose (ISBN 9781894994934) by Max de Radigues - "Expect unexpected twist in this moose, bully tale by Dan Brown.  This slender book will leave you thinking long after you have propelled your eyeballs over the final panel.” | London Free Press

Book Review: Towerkind (ISBN 9781894994910) by Kat Verhoeven - “elegant in its simplicity...a coming of age story that you shouldn’t pass up.” | ComiConverse

TCAF 2016 Guest Announcement: Paul Up North (ISBN 9781772620016) by Michel Rabagliati - “Michel Rabagliati is an essential figure in not only the comics scene of Quebec, but all of Canada." | Toronto Comics Blog

Book Review: Lotería Huasteca (ISBN 9780889843837) by Alec Dempster - "I highly recommend this book to all relief print-makers. Beyond the enjoyment of the images as a whole, and the opportunity to learn about the history and culture, the expressive nature of the renderings is engaging. The dynamic backgrounds and patterning may serve as a primer for carving and choices in the black and white dance of woodcuts. These qualities together make this an important book to use as a cultural and carving reference for years to come." | Block and Burin