September 16, 2015

Review: A Serious Call (9780889843806) by Don Coles - "Instead of writing poems that you have to fight your way through, or that actively discourage engagement, his lines open themselves up to you as you read, and then remain in your mind, enriching your perception of your own relationships and experiences." | Partisan Magazine

Review: Air Carnation (9781771660310) by Guadalupe Muro - “Air Carnation is lyrical and sublime.” | Atticus Reviews

Review: Collected Poems (9781771830416) by Len Gasparini - “The poems that are consistently strongest are, arguably — mysteriously — those that brood on Nature. Gasparini is the hipster as naturalist.” | The Chronicle Herald

Review: Ellipses (9781927426395) by Andrea MacPherson - "She approaches these risks of motherhood, with just as much curiosity and compassion as she brings to scenes of tender new motherhood, demonstrating the rich and vast possibilities for poetic exploration of mothers and mothering." | Canadian Literature 

Review: ENTROPIC (9781927063866) by R.W. Gray - "[R.W. Gray] treads a fascinating line between realities ... a tender, globetrotting, strongly visual collection.” | Publishers Weekly

Review: Ex-Yu (9781550654226) by Josip Novakovich - “It’s refreshing to encounter an author whose work engages with the world.” | Pasha Malla, The Globe and Mail 

Review: Fabulous Peculiarities (9780889843790) by Tom Smart - "… the book’s true focus is not just the art—it’s the story behind the art. Calzetta’s influences and motivations are revealed, and even those who’ve never heard of him, or who wouldn’t ordinarily be attracted to his simple but thoughtful work, will find themselves captivated by Smart’s look behind the curtain." | Foreword Reviews

Review: Fake Paul (9780888013088) by Kimmy Beach - "A playful and more than slightly crazed narrative that somehow manages to articulate my experience of longing and infatuation. " |

Review: Get Onboard: Walk in the Shoes of a Transit Operator (9781771831291) by Richard Lee - "Those who read Get Onboard and who travel on the Toronto Transit System will have a greater appreciation for the operators and will no doubt gain a better greater respect for them as human beings." | The Toronto Tribune

Review: Merz Structure No. 2 Burnt By Children at Play (9781771660952) by Jake Kennedy - “Merz Structure No. 2 Burnt by Children at Play is a kind of portmanteau book, full of disparate goodies, all of which tantalize the taste buds.” | Eclectic Ruckus

Review: Mike Grandmaison's Ontario (9780888015150) by Mike Grandmaison - "this attractive book meditates on the beauty of Ontario's natural landscapes." | Photo Life

Review: Sophrosyne (9781771660501) by Marianne Apostolides - “The payoff is a deeply sensual and profoundly unsettling experience that engages the reader with Socrates’s most basic, vital question: the question of how to live.” | Atticus Reviews

Interview: Strangers & Others (9781897141700) by Stan Dragland - "There were many reasons why I wanted to move to Newfoundland from Ontario, not just the literary culture. I was attracted to the rugged beauty of the place; to the distinctive cityscape of downtown St. John’s; to the fine people I met and wanted to know better; to the live tradition of ballad and story, both with ancient roots. The distinctive and vibrant culture called to me as a whole. I was drawn out of a near total ignorance of Newfoundland culture into a desire to find out all I could about it." | Open Book Toronto

Review: Subduction Zone (9781897141665) by Emily McGiffin - "This is not a collection of nature poetry, by which I mean these are not meditations on beautiful scenery or natural phenomena; there are also human beings with their aqueducts and pyramids, their locomotives and roadside litter and bulldozers. There are profit margins and atrocities, red-listed species and hard questions." | The Goose 

Review: The Capacity for Infinite Happiness (9781894987974) by Alexis von Konigslow - "The author is a Toronto woman with degrees in math, physics and creative writing, and the plot of her first novel is similarly audacious." | Toronto Star

Staff Pick: The Dharma Punks (9781894994965) by Ant Sang - “Ant Sang has a lovely brushy style that’s reminiscent of Paul Pope, and this substantial volume should bring one of the southern hemisphere’s great talents to a whole new readership.” | Broken Frontier

Review: Verge (9781550719635) by Lynda Monahan - “Monahan gets full marks for locating her work in a very definite place: she is of Prince Albert, the Nisbet Forest around parts of it, and the north beyond. Whether it’s her father’s hunting trips, her mother’s garden, the woods beyond the house in which she grew up, or very much living the rural life in all four seasons, her area of the country both grounds her and helps her get over the traumas she has suffered.” | The Star Phoenix