September 01, 2015


Review: The Sicilian Wife by Caterina Edwards (9781927535608) - "Edwards builds a rich and complex story, moving smoothly between past and present and between Italy and Canada. She develops characters and story lines independently, and then connects them convincingly to build a credible and wonderful literary noir story of love, hate, deception, and revenge." | Publishers Weekly

Review: Sistering by Jennifer Quist (9781927535707) - Jennifer Quist's novel, Sistering, was just published, and it's already buzzing with great reviews and suggestions that it's a contender for the Leacock Award for Humour. | 49th Shelf

Review: Meadowlark by Wendi Stewart (9781926455389) - "Meadowlark is a novel of tragedy infused with hope and survival." | Quill & Quire

Review: Bittersweet Sands by Rick Ranson (9781927063620) - "The book is certainly not a full picture of life in and around Fort McMurray, but that cannot be expected from a 24-day snapshot taken by an out-of-town worker. Instead, it is an entertaining collection of stories told from a familiar setting. Best of all, its quick-read format would make for a convenient choice on the long bus ride to and from work." | Fort McMurray Today

Review: Geographies of a Lover (9781897126783) - "[De Leeuw's] poetry rolls with lovely language and imagery, and draws its reader along to a point at which human connectivity occurs." | The Malahat Review

Review: Humming bird by John Wall Barger (9781926794082) - “Barger’s nimble language sparks throughout.” | Bull Calf Review

Review: The Essential Daryl Hine by Daryl Hine; James Pollock (9780889843851) -"This latest addition to The Porcupine Quill’s series of Essential Poets ... reinforced for me the importance of Hine as an alternative voice in an era with too little appreciation for the history and the possibilities of formal poetry. It is here, I think, that the value of this volume and of Hine’s legacy as a whole truly lies, in its potential to provoke a new generation of Canadian writers to engage and renew the tradition of poetry."| From Word to Word

Review: Little Comrades by Laurie Lewis (9780889843424) - "[Lewis's] writing is beautifully precise, often tactile, so that the reading at times feels a little like wandering about with the author as she confidently points things out that, pretty soon, we can also see just as plainly." | Matilda Magtree

Review: The Grand River by Gerard Brender à Brandis; Marianne Brandis (9780889843813) - "To grasp the complexity of life on this planet, you could do worse than to study riverness—water nourishing, shaping, cleansing, and altogether interacting with land, air, and all manner of being. This biography of Ontario’s Grand River reaches mystical status through the wood block engravings of scenes along the three-hundred-kilometer Grand and prose at its nature-loving best."| Foreword Reviews

Review: Bodymap by Leah Lakshmi Piepzna-Samarasinha (9781927494509) “In their own fleeting ways these poems command attention, and Piepzna-Samarasinha’s strength lies in her seamless integration of a distinct, individual voice alongside acute commentaries on social injustice. | The Fanzine


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