On Friday, July 17th from 4:00 to 6:00pm Mick Lowe will be signing copies of his first two books in The Nickel Range Trilogy, The Raids and The Insatiable Maw at the Sudbury Costco.  

The Raids, tells the story of Nineteen-year-old Jake McCool who is about to undergo a rite of passage—his first shift underground in a hard rock mine. But the Cold War is at its height, and Jake is also about to become a reluctant participant in a bitter inter-union battle fuelled by the global struggle between two ideologies in the wake of the Second World War. So is his girlfriend, Jo Ann Winters. Together the couple will be swept up in a web of intrigue; at its centre is a terrible secret that will haunt their relationship for the rest of their lives, as their hometown becomes not only one of the world’s greatest hard rock mining centres, but also the epicenter of the Cold War in North America. In this fast-paced novel set against the little-known historical backdrop of a true-life battle that included vicious beatings, riots and worse, Lowe posits a provocative premise: that the US government sponsored a ruthless covert operation to destabilize a strategic community in the heartland of its closest ally: Canada.

In The Insatiable Maw, Jake McCool, the injured hardrock miner, returns to work for the International Nickel Company (INCO) but now at its nearby Copper Cliff smelter complex. In no time, Jake finds himself embroiled in a vicious fight over health and safety and, more specifically, over the extreme levels of sulphur dioxide that poison the air in the smelter but also in the entire surrounding area. The fight takes on new dimensions as freelance reporter Foley Gilpin sparks interest at Canada's national daily Globe & Mail and as local parliamentarian Harry Wardell smells the collusion between INCO and the highest levels of Ministry of Natural Resources at Queen's Park in Toronto.

Visit Costco on Friday for your chance to meet Mick! Visit http://www.barakabooks.com/the-nickel-range-trilogy-goes-to-costco for more details. 

The Raids is vulnerable, exciting, interesting and informative. It grabbed me in the first chapter and never let go. I couldn’t recommend it more to others. Now that I’m done, I eagerly look forward to the next chapter of Jake McCool’s life (get writing Mick!)
— Jamie West, President, Sudbury & Districtt Labour Council, Ontario, Canada