We're thrilled to announce that Jane Munro (Brick Books) is the Canadian Winner of the 2015 Griffin Poetry Prize for her beautifully written poetry collection BLUE SONOMA (9781926829883) and will receive $65,000 in prize money. The Griffin Poetry Prize was founded in 2000 to encourage excellence in poetry.  Congratulations!

Book Summary 


In Blue Sonoma, award-winning poet Jane Munro draws on her well-honed talents to address what Eliot called “the gifts reserved for age.” A beloved partner’s crossing into Alzheimer’s is at the heart of this book, and his “battered blue Sonoma” is an evocation of numerous other crossings: between empirical reportage and meditative apprehension, dreaming and wakefulness, Eastern and Western poetic traditions.  Rich in both pathos and sharp shards of insight, Munro’s wisdom here is deeply embedded, shot through with moments of wit and candour. In the tradition of Taoist poets like Wang Wei and Po-Chu-i, her sixth and best book opens a wide poetic space, and renders difficult conditions with the lightest of touches.

Grey wood twisted tight
within the framework of the tree –
impossible to snap off,
forged as it dries.

And in me, parts I can’t imagine
myself without – silvering.

~from “The live arbutus carries dead branches…”

Praise for Jane Munro:

“spellbinding … haunting … thoughtful, evocative … arresting images … Zen-like spirituality… ” ~The Toronto Star

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