On Saturday, June 6th Vancouver author Hilary Grist launched her first book, TOMORROW IS A CHANCE TO START OVER (9782924217290|Independent Publishers Group) at Book Warehouse.  The brilliant songstress spent the afternoon singing songs and reading to a large enthusiastic crowd. 

Hilary Grist at Book Warehouse


A fresh, original project that will appeal to young parents who are fans of musical artists Feist or Norah Jones Ira and Isabelle, who live in a little red house by the sea, decide one night to escape the sound of the city's beeping cars and sail off to a faraway land where they learn from a new friend—a robin with a soft voice—that dreams really can come true. The book contains an audio CD that features the narrated story as well as 10 original heartwarming dream songs, and an ethereal rendition of Johannes Brahms' classic "Cradle Song."


"Beautifully produced, fully engaging, and thoroughly 'child friendly', Tomorrow Is a Chance to Start Over is impressively entertaining and highly recommended as an enduringly popular acquisition for family and community library collections." —James Cox, Children's Bookwatch

"Tomorrow is a Chance to Start Over, from The Secret Mountain, is a set of dream songs on a CD and a bedtime storybook by Hilary Grist. The story is about Ira and Isabelle, two clay character siblings living in a little red house by the sea, who decide one night to escape the sound of the city's beeping cars, and sail off to a far-away island. On their journey, their newly made robin friend tells the duo that dreams really can come true. In addition to a narraration of the story, the CD offers nine heartwarming songs for the whole family to enjoy together, including 'Say Goodnight,' 'Fall in My Loving Arms,' and 'City of Green and Blue.' The soundtrack is followed by a rendition of Johanne Brahm's classic 'Cradle Song.'" —toybook.com

"This adorable bedtime storybook comes with a CD of dream songs." —Parents Canada

"Tomorrow is a Chance to Start Over might be intended for children, but adults alike can find themselves relating to the charming concept and harmonious production that the album stands by." —Kristie Sparksman, beatroute.ca

"Here's hoping The Secret Mountain continues to bring new artists like Grist into their fold in future years. Definitely recommended." —Stefan, zooglobble.com

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