November 2015

Review: A Clearing by Louise Carson (9781927426630) - "Her carefully considered rhythms range from breathless lines that spill into one another, to shorter ones that unfold slowly, emphasizing silences and white space on the page. " | Montreal Review of Books 

Review: The Brink of Freedom by Stella Leventoyannis Harvey (9781927426760) - "She found an apartment close to a Roma camp, the neighbourhood she would later describe in The Brink of Freedom. When the police tore down that camp, she was there. She could see the desperation on the faces of the people who watched their temporary shelters being destroyed. “There was nothing I could do but watch helplessly,” she says, “and later try to write about it.” | BC Bookworld 

Interview: Long Red Hair by Meags Fitzgerald (9781894994958) - “Always attuned to the larger cultural perspectives suggested by their personal narratives, both Photobooth and Long Red Hair are examples of how graphic memoirs can transcend stories of the self in order to bring vibrant visual life to the marginal and the unexpected.” | Montreal Review of Books

Newsletter: The Dharma Punks by Ant Sang (9781894994965) - “Readers looking for an original narrative with profound resonance to life as we know it will find an abundance of riches here.” | School Library Journal (newsletter)

Review: Ramshackle by Alison McCreesh (9781894994996) - “Emotionally intense with a raw visual style, The Dharma Punks starts out as a darker work that moves toward direct enlightenment, a forward progression of a fable.” | My Yellowknife Now (Moose fm)

Interview: The Society of Experience by Matt Cahill (9781928088042) - "My philosophy is 'read widely' as opposed to being 'well-read'. If all we do is read The Classics - when we don’t really play a part in how that mantle is bestowed - then that brings us closer to monoculture, which is terrible. I read what interests me, even if it’s flawed. Also, more and more I ask myself where my blindspots are. For example, am I reading too many books by white men? Am I only getting North American perspectives?" | rob mclennan's blog

Review: Her Red Hair Rises with the Wings of Insects by Catherine Graham (9781894987769) - “Highlights include our first group reading at the Chorlton Library, such a warm, attentive crowd; reading at University of Westminster’s Fyvie Hall where Pink Floyd played their first gig and being told later that one of the students counted out all her small change as she was determined to purchase my book because she ‘wanted to get deeper into those words!’" | Open Book Toronto

Review: Bedlam Cowslip by Jeanette Lynes (9781928088059) -“It was amazing to be in a pub that existed when John Clare was alive, amazing to sip a pint in a pub where the Bee Gees played billiards, and amazing to stand, with Catherine Graham and Holly Luhning into front of the house where Sylvia Plath first lived.” | Open Book Toronto

Award: Floating Life by Moez Surani (9781894987639) -Moez Surani is one of 25 poets on the CBC Poetry Prize Longlist | CBC

Review: The Midnight Games by David Neil Lee (9781894987967) -“Spinning an engrossing young adult novel set in post-industrial Hamilton, David mines his gritty location as the perfect backdrop to Nate's strange and terrifying adventure. Full of ancient books and curses as well as Lovecraftian horror, The Midnight Games is the perfect Canadian Halloween read.” | Open Book Toronto