IPG Book News:

Watch a video of Jane Goodall, addressing the UN on International Peace Day: "We have to change attitudes, we have to be the ones who create peace." And her words of encouragment "to the young people whose burden is going to be the peaceable world of tomorrow. May they have strength and courage and never give up."

Jane's new book, A Prayer For World Peace (9789888240494); with moving, glorious illustrations by Feeroozeh Golmohammadi; is powerful and both a personal and universal plea for peace. Everyone who sees the finished book finds it beautiful to hold and behold. 

A PRAYER FOR WORLD PEACE is a gorgeous, extraordinarily moving book. One, for all ages. The art is glowing, connecting with Goodall’s passionate phrases, to be indeed a call for world peace….[Goodall is] a true-life hero.
— Monica Edinger, Huffington Post/Educating Alice blog