I9781770411128n September, Canadian author Sophie Cossette's graphic novel, SINEMANIA! A Satirical Exposé of the Lives of the Most Outlandish Movie Directors: Welles, Hitchcock, Tarantino, and More! (9781770411128), will be available in bookstores across the country.  A humourous, satricical and surreal take on the lives of some of the world’s most famous and infamous movie directors, SINEMANIA! is an incredible tribute to cinema and the eccentric and compelling individuals behind the camera's lens.

Here is the synopsis from ECW PRESS:

An R-rated comic treatment of film’s famous directors

A loving but wickedly humorous tribute to cinema in graphic non-fiction, SINEMANIA! casts its spotlight on film directors whose lives behind the camera are every bit as compelling, strange, and eccentric as the most headline-making film actors.

Twenty-three North American and European directors — including Quentin Tarantino, Woody Allen, Alfred Hitchcock, Orson Welles, and Roman Polanski — are given a parodic biography that highlights these men’s twisted genius, rampant egos, and weird behaviour. Sinemania! is unsparing in portraying them, mercilessly and affectionately, in Cossette’s striking illustrations.

The book is already generating great comments from directors like Reg Harkema, Hubert Davis and Bruce McDonald:

"Sinemania! rips the scab off the cult of the film director to expose the festering wound of scuzziness within. It is the very first book to do so." – Reg Harkema, director, Monkey Warfare and Manson, My Name is Evil

"Sophie Cossette has created a fantastical, original and wildly perverse ride through the history of film. A must read for any and all cinephiles!" – Hubert Davis, director, Invisible City and Hardwood

"It's absolutely despicable!" – Bruce McDonald, director, Pontypool, Hard Core Logo, Roadkill, and Highway 61


ISBN 9781770411128 7.5 x 10'', 184pp, paper b&w illustrations throughout $24.95 CDN/U.S. | September 2013