11787733 Earlier this month author Sarah Skilton sat down for an exclusive interview with Abrams manager, Laura Mihalick, to discuss her debut novel Bruised (which has already received a *starred* review from Publishers Weekly, and a 4-star rating on goodreads), the writing process and watching Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Sarah explains, “I used to read X-men comics and watch Buffy the Vampire Slayer because of the strong young women who were featured. At the same time, I couldn’t get past the fact that everyone in those stories had special powers to help them fight. With Tae Kwon Do, regular people–even a scrawny girl from suburban Illinois–could learn self-defense if they trained hard enough, and I loved that. I enjoyed feeling like a real-life equivalent of a superhero, with the added bonus of honour and respect and meditation.  I earned my black belt in my mid-20s, but with Bruised, I wanted to explore what having a black belt might mean when you’re very young, when you have abilities that other kids or your parents don’t have, and how that would color your view of yourself and your responsibilities.”

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By Sarah Skilton
$18.95 Hardcover

"Offering psychological drama and an introduction to martial-arts code of behaviour, the book has a meaningful message about power, control, and the internal bruises carried by victims." -Publishers Weekly

"This distinctive debut will be appreciated by fans of contemporary fiction." --Kirkus Reviews 

"This layered first novel explores the aftereffects of the trauma, convincingly depicting why Imogen blames herself for a situation over which she had no control... Imogen’s struggle is nuanced and honest." -Horn Book

"A useful exploration of the difference between fantasy-style omnipotence and the complexity of real-life human strength." -Bulletin of the Center for Children's Books