Now that all your presents are bought (hopefully), I bet you're probably rushing to finish all the wrapping. There are different sorts  of wrappers: the crafty person who uses DIY tags, trendy themed paper, and an assortment of bows and decorations (Are you trying to make me look bad?), those of us who wrap as efficiently and effectively as two minutes will allow (99% of the Christmas celebrating population), and a few who forgo wrapping altogether in lieu of shoving the present into a Christmas bag, plastic bag, or under the branches of the Christmas tree (... even I think this is a teeny bit lazy).

Regardless of which category you fall under, I have the solution to all of your wrapping woes, and a way for anyone in the 99 percentile to catapult into the gifted group: Pepin Press gift wrapping books.

 Not only is this paper gorgeous and artistic, but it will solve ALL of your wrapping dilemmas. Really. My wrapping experience usually goes something like this: 1) I am excited and eager to wrap the gigantic pile of presents which I intend to parcel, personalize, and prettify, 2) I quickly realize that for variation I will have to buy at least 4 different rolls of wrapping, but I have no storage space, 3) I blow my wrapping budget on 4 rolls of paper and can't spend any more money on fancy bows and tags :cry: , 4) I realize I only want to open one roll and so all my presents are wrapped in the same paper with no bows, 5) I end up having a terrible tussle with the paper roll, cut out a piece and realize the piece is an inch too short and I am now left with a pile of scraps, and 6) my enthusiasm has been squandered so I give up and write 'To: whomever' onto a scrap of paper that I unceremoniously slap onto the package. That'll just have to do.

I know you've all been there. Apparently so does Pepin Press because they had the amazing idea to put large sheets of folded wrapping paper into a BOOK. Now you have no more storage issues, a variety of stunning patterns, and good quality paper. Not only that, but you hardly ever have to use any scissors, you work with straight edges, and you can just tuck any wayward scraps into the book. Presto! Gorgeously wrapped present in under two minutes. Now just stick on a bow (which you still have the budget for!)

And there isn't just Christmas wrapping, but themed paper that is good for any occasion. Some of my personal favourites: