The Secret Race is not a Manda book, so this is simply unbiased praise for a book that I really enjoyed on a few different levels.  Thanks to my wife, I have recently 'taken' to road biking and have been loving it.  So with that in mind, this book is a look at the intensity of the sport which I had not fully appreciated before participating in it, and then reading about people doing it at the top level.  It is also a 'tell-all' about the doping and performance enhancing drug use that is clearly rampant in cycling, (and I now surmise in all sports).  And it is an indicment of himself and most notably Lance Armstrong.

If you are a cycling fan you will likely love it.  If you want the details of the doping regimine you will love it, in part becuase of the cloak-and-dagger style in which it has to happen and in part due to Daniel Coyle's great re-telling of Hamilton's story and confession.