J.K. Rowling's new book THE CASUAL VACANCY is now available for purchase. Do you have your copy yet?!

“Rowling shows that yes, she can write. The Casual Vacancy, in fact, highlights Rowling’s strengths as a writer while obscuring her weaknesses. She has always been a plotter of genius, which is just another way of saying she is a great storyteller. […] With her page-turning Dickensian plots, a Thomas Hard-like ending and a main character[…]reminiscent of Count Fosco, the villain of Wilkie Collins’s The Woman in White, Rowling is a 19th century writer mysteriously unstuck in time. That’s why Harry Potter’s adult fans loved her, and that’s why they will certainly love her new novel, too.” -MACLEAN’S MAGAZINE

"The Casual Vacancy confirms that Rowling does not lose her narrative gifts by stepping outside her usual realm. Stripped of the fantastic, she still draws the reader onward.” -NATIONAL POST

“Her real skills lie in quick, cutting portraits of grown-up hypocrites and eccentrics, and in making the troubles and worries of adolescents feel as grave and important as those of their parents. The Casual Vacancy […] shows that Rowling can do just fine without wizard or wand in sight.” -TORONTO STAR

"The book comes alive in Krystal’s love for her three-year-old brother Robbie. [...] Rowling’s empathy for Krystal imbues her own writing with urgency and humanity.” -THE GLOBE AND MAIL