Everyone has their favorite superhero. Maybe it's Superman, the man of steel. Or perhaps it's Batman, the billionaire vigilante. No matter who it is, something about them catches our interest. They just work. But what if they didn't? Publisher: Medallion Press ISBN: 9781605422701 CAD $29.99

Fallen Superheroes is an interesting compilation of superheroes that wouldn't quite work. Imagine a superhero with a fatal flaw that was just a little too much. Take Vane for example. Vane is a fantastic hero that can save lives when he has to. But only when he's not completely distracted by the reflection of his beautiful face! Or Viking Hawk! A hero who can't decide  on what to call himself and is completely OCD to the point where gum on his shoe will stop him in his tracks!

This book strives to show us the vulnerability of life, our embarassing failures, and those colorful people who dare to dream light-years ahead of themselves. Sometimes, those with the most extraordinary abilities are the most ordinary people. And sometimes, it's the heroes who need the rescuing.