Even More Rock Family Trees So we happen to be listening to a classic rock station here at the office today and guess what shows up at the door; my copy of Even More Rock Family Trees by Pete Frame. As I return to my desk, The Beatles start singing Day in the Life. Quick as a flash, I turn to the index in the back to find out where The Beatles are. Singing along: "Woke up, fell out of bed...", I discover that The Beatles are connected to Derek and the Dominoes through Delaney & Bonnie & Friends, with whom both Eric Clapton and George Harrison played. Who knew? Not me!

Whoa! Now it's Fleetwood Mac! Okay, so there are a billion connections there. But did you know that Rod Stewart sang for a band called Shotgun Express, in which Mick Fleetwood played drums? Did you know that it was around that very time - in 1967 - that Fleetwood Mac's first incarnation appeared? Not me! This book is really going to take some serious study time. I can't wait!

EVEN MORE ROCK FAMILY TREES by Pete Frame | Omnibus Press; Can. $30.95 | April 2012 | 9781844490073