The 2012 Summer Olympics are quickly approaching and in celebration of the upcoming games, I wanted to bring to your attention this quirky little book by Lauren O'Farrell.  O'Farrell is the founder and leader of Stitch London; a feisty knitting group, now the largest in the UK, which has won awards and acclaim for its fresh, contemporary approach to knitting.

Looking to bring a bit of majesty to your décor by whipping up your own royal couple?  How about some worldly sophistication with some little knitted London landmarks? Whether you’ve visited or not, you’ll see London in a whole new purly light as O’Farrell guides you through a city of pigeons, puddles and loopy Kings and Queens. Filled with glorious patterns that will inspire, delight and occasionally challenge, the book will feed the imagination and tickle the soul.

Stitch London by Lisa O’Farrell, $23.99 CAN / 9780715338674, Published by F&W Media