Time to dig out the ornaments, hang the wreath and get that shortbread in the oven.  December is finally here, and despite below average snowfall and above seasonal temps, we at Manda are thrilled to welcome this very special time of year. Before kicking off a busy month, my colleagues and I took a moment to think about where we are, how we got here and where we're headed.  What has the year meant to us?  What are we looking forward to in 2012?  A list of what we give thanks and are hopeful for is below.  There was something about this exercise that really put the season in perspective and reading through the sometimes cheeky, often touching responses from my colleagues really got me in the spirit!  I hope you take the time to make your own lists, they will likely be longer than you think.


This year I’m grateful for good champagne and kindness. --Iolanda Miller, Sales Representative, British Columbia

This year I’m grateful for paper cuts, traffic jams, burnt toast, stubbed toes, dust bunnies, dysfunctional umbrellas, hitting my funny bone...and all the other annoying little things in life, because experiencing them means that I’m ALIVE.Joanne Adams, Sales Representative, Eastern Ontario & GTA

I am grateful for my wife and kids and the daily reminders they provide about the importance of slowing down and living in the moment. I am also grateful in my work life for being surrounded with such hard working, smart and interesting people on a daily basis.  From my colleagues at Manda to the publishers and customers that we partner with, it is truly a great group of people. –Carey Low, Vice President

I’m grateful for new friendships that have grown this year. –Ellen Warwick, Special Markets Manager

This year I’m grateful for independent bookstores who introduced me to my first love…the book. --Emily Patry, Inside Sales Representative & Marketing Coordinator

I’m grateful for Hendrick’s Gin and Wild Geese Whiskey. –Jean Cichon, Sales Representative, Alberta & Saskatchewan

This year I’m grateful for the time I have spent with my family in Vancouver, and London. It has been a happy year. –Jennifer Fyffe, Sales Representative, British Columbia

This year I’m grateful for our amazing customers, publishers, and that Wimpy Kid. --Peter Hill-Field, Director of Sales and Marketing

This year I’m grateful for great co-workers who are always ready to help out. –Chris Hickey, Sales Representative, GTA, SW Ontario, Northern Ontario

I’m grateful for my dog Chloe, who forces me to slow down and spend time outside, and who makes me smile every day. –Tracey Bhangu, Marketing & Publicity Manager

This year I am grateful for the company of good friends and family who bring out the best in me and choose to ignore my many imperfections. –Liza Hageraats, Sales Representative, Quebec & Atlantic Canada

I am SO VERY thankful for the constant supply of caffeine the office, for the awesome people I get to spend my days with, and for the new friends I’ve made this year. --Kristina Koski, Inside Sales Representative


My hope for the new year is that Manda will realise that the Aston Martin DB9 Coupe is really the only car a rep needs to drive. And world peace, of course. –Iolanda Miller

My wish for the new year is getting more cuddles from the people I love, reading more good books under a fleecy blanket, drinking more hot chocolate, taking more long walks. –Joanne Adams

My wish for the new year is a brief encounter with a Kobo touch. --Emily Patry

My hope for the new year is for my youngest daughter to start her university life, and love it. And for my relationship to continue to flourish. –Jennifer Fyffe

In the new year, I am hopeful that the CDN government will take a global leadership role in fighting climate change and global warming.  Since this may be a little naive given their efforts thus far, my hope is that I will take more time to make my voice heard. –Carey Low

My wish for the new year is that people will continue to appreciate the beauty, craftsmanship and value of printed books. –Ellen Warwick

My hope for the new year is that people will continue to enjoy print books of all kinds, and that our clients are prosperous.  I also hope for new bookstores to come on the scene and thrive. –Peter Hill-Field

My hope for the new year is a new (magically house-broken-at-birth) puppy, and obviously world peace, too. –Jean Cichon

My hope for the new year is for the newest member of my family to arrive happy, healthy, and on-time. –Tracey Bhangu

My wish for the New Year is to be able to devote more time to creative pursuits. –Liza Hageraats

I hope for more kitten covers from www.thekittencovers.tumblr.com, and (thanks to the History/Disovery channels) an awesome Mad Max outfit if should anything get a little ‘apocalypticky.’   Actually, scratch that. I hope for an awesome Mad Max outfit period. --Kristina Koski