Every year, Manda has a tree trimming party and everyone is invited to take a well deserved break to decorate the office and indulge in some holiday beer cheer.  Yesterday, the tradition turned ugly. Taking a cue from the Ugly Christmas Sweater Party Book (Abrams Image, $18.95 CAN, ISBN: 9780810997523), everyone showed up to decorate in their most hideous winter knits! Wow.  They look really...wow. Feeling inspired?

For anyone looking for that perfect Secret Santa present, look no further. This book is  perfect for the millions planning to throw or attend an ugly sweater party this year.  Get ready for a laugh-out-loud look at the funniest, craziest, most unbelievable holiday sweaters you can imagine, including Scarf Face, Wreath Witherspoon, and Ryan Treecrest.

Go on, get ugly!