We should all be thankful for Tzeporah Berman, and we should all know her name.  Tzeporah is one of the world's leading environmental activists and Greenpeace lead on their attack against governments and industry fighting desparately to control climate change around the world.  She has written an important memoir of her time thus far as an environmental activist, and along the way discusses and offers prescriptive advice on how to make a difference, and the urgency that is required to fight climate change in particular. For me, one of the more interesting parts of the book is the disection of the radical ways in which she has managed to bring industry and goverment to the table with Greenpeace to reach common goals through negotiation.  However, one of the more depressing reminders from the book is the Canadian government's lack of leadership and responsiblity on environmental issues, and the reminder that Canada has become an International environmental pariah.  As a proud Canadian, this is a source of serious embarrasment.

The work she is doing is crucial and thankless, so I hope that somehow this praise gets to Tzeporah to remind her that there are loads of people who are eternally grateful for her leadership, passion and uncompromising committment to combat climate change.  I would recommend that anyone who has an interest in environmental issues and celebrating an amazing Canadian woman should read this book and talk about her work everyday and to everyone. 

(This book is not sold by Canadian Manda, so this is simply unadulterated praise for Tzeporah Berman and her book, This Crazy Time.)