Brewed Awakening is a must have book for anyone interested in the craft beer movement (we know you're out there) or for those beer geek's who follow every trend in cutting-edge craft brewing today--beers that are super-bitter, cask conditioned, organic, gluten free, and extreme (extra flavour, extra alcohol, extra everything).  The craft beer movement is growing and the innovation taking place within the community is really quite astonishing. It's what one might call, a liquid revolution!

I imagine author Joshua M. Bernstein had a pretty killer time writing this book.  He chronicles his pint-by-pint sampling with photos, labels, and info on the latest techniques.  Exploring everywhere beer is being made, he travels from Nebraska to Norway, New Zealand to Montreal and dishes about his experiences at pint-sized breweries popping up in basements and garages while explaining how hops, grain and yeast can cause beers to take on radically different tastes.

Nothin' like poppin' a cold one.  Enjoy!

Brewed Awakening: Behind the Beers and Brewers Leading the World's Craft Brewing Revolution by Joshua M. Bernstein / Sterling Publishing, $29.95 CAN, ISBN:9781402778643