For budding spies, there’s no better way to conceal clandestine activities than to miniaturize one’s secret agent arsenal. Hide a tiny catapult in a breath mint tin. Turn a Tic Tac case into a vest pocket candy shooter. Transform a milk jug cap into a fake wristwatch that launches tiny paper darts.  This book offers a whole new array of inventive DIY projects to turn office supplies and household items into the ultimate rubber band flinging, eraser zinging weapons cache, perfect for rainy days and playful office espionage!

All of the projects in Mini Weapons of Mass Destruction 2 are built from inexpensive, commonly kept items: binder clips, playing cards, rubber bands, markers, clothespins and discarded packaging materials. The projects—modeled after real-life gadgetry—range from “agent sidearms” and “weapons in disguise” to “villain mini weapons” and “surveillance and intel,” and cost mere pennies to assemble. Each project includes a supply and tool list, italicized safety tips and step-by-step instructions supplemented by clearly marked, illustrative diagrams. This book will thrill and entertain budding spies and crafty villains alike!

MiniWeapons of Mass Destruction 2: Build a Secret Agent Arsenal, by John Austin; Chicago Review Press, Distributed by Independent Publishers Group; October 2011, CAN $18.95, ISBN: 9781569767160