Ten years ago Dan Pearson found an extremely rare, large city plot and set out to design and create a garden space within the neglected urban oasis. His own personal garden amongst the city objects and beings. Home Ground records a year in the life of Dan’s experiences, whose beautifully crafted words reveal his personal thoughts as he watches the garden mature and develop over the course of a year.  Inspiring!

From the book:

Central, was the idea of the oasis, as I wanted to create a place that was an antidote to the hustle and bustle, the hard edges and the sheer number of people competing for space. It has been a demanding brief for the garden to be all of the things that I need it to be whilst retaining serenity and as an environment, it has to offer up considerably more than mere aesthetics. I need to be able to experiment and to continue to learn about my raw materials and because a garden is never static or finished, there has to be room for it to shift and change. I want nature, or a version of it, to be present here too and I want the seasons to be mapped in the changes."

Home Ground: Sanctuary in the City by Dan Pearson, photographs by Howard Sooley, Conran Octopus, September 2011, $35.99 CAN; ISBN: 9781840915372