Celebrate the 80th anniversary of the world’s most beloved elephant!

This grand new tale, created in the spirit of the classic stories, is about sportsmanship, love, and diversity—a must read in anticipation of the 2012 Summer Olympic Games in London

Coinciding with the monumental 80th anniversary of Babar, this all-new book by Laurent de Brunhoff (son of Jean de Bruhoff, who first brought Babar to life in 1931) follows the world-famous elephant and his family as they experience the inventive, inspiring, and even romantic BABAR’S CELESTEVILLE GAMES, a pachyderm version of the Summer Olympics. Laurent de Brunhoff brings elephants to life in dynamic new poses. Elephants and other animals do seemingly impossible athletic moves—pole vaulting, swimming, gymnastics, cycling, diving and more—that will delight young readers and fans alike.

Babar and his family see the best athletes from all over their world compete and meet new people from other countries. Babar’s daughter, Flora, likes to watch the handsome pole-vaulter Cory, from the country of Mirza. One day the two of them meet in the park, and love soon follows. When Cory asks Flora to marry him, everyone must come together to help them have a magnificent Mirzi wedding.

Laurent de Brunhoff has kept the spirit of Babar and his family alive for more than fifty years. Originating as a bedtime story told by Larent’s mother, Babar first came to life through the art of Laurent’s father, Jean de Brunhoff, who produced seven books about the character. Laurent built on his father’s work and has created many bestselling adventures for the elephant family, giving the books new spirit through his use of line and color. BABAR’S CELESTEVILLE GAMES continues the tradition for a new generation.