Hilary Winston, author of My Boyfriend Wrote a Book About Me is being interviewed today for a piece in the Toronto Star.  Winston's hilarious new book is her response to a novel written by her ex-boyfriend that borrowed from their almost five-year relationship.  His description of the relationship was unflattering to say the least and in her new book, Winston sets the record straight on that relationship, and revisits all of the exes that came before and after.  An englightening account of modern dating, Booklist calls Winston's memoir "self-conscious and soul-baring."  Link of the much-anticipated Star interview to come.

 A FANTASTIC interview with Adam Chester, author of S'MOTHER ran in the Globe and Mail on April 29th.  Chester is the son of a very loving mom, who for almost 30 years has peppered his life with unsolicited advice, news updates, and opinions in the form of thousands of inappropriate, embarrasing and utterly crazy letters. S'MOTHER is a hilarious memoir based on this correspondence showing the pathological extremes maternal instincts can take.  Read journalist Micah Toub's take on the book here, as he relates the experiences in Chester's memoir to those he experienced with his own mother who happens to be a psycotherapist (eek!).

The beautiful tome Chanel (ISBN:9780810996946 / $54.00), by Jean Leymarie was featured above in the Style section of the National Post.  If ever there ever was a gift your stylish mom would adore (or Mother in law as the case may be) this book is it.  It seems the Globe and Mail agrees as it was also featured in their Mother's Day gift guide last Saturday alongside the equally covetable Fifty Bags That Changed The World (ISBN: 9781840915709 / $26.00) by the chic peeps at The Design Museum. 

I'll take two of whatever she's baking!  She being Kim Boyce of course.  The author of Good To The Grain (ISBN:9781584798309 / $35.95) was recently profiled in a three page spread in HELLO! Canada magazine.  Divine!

Abrams newest edition to their fabulous 365 Days series profiles The Wild West. Therein, author Michael Wallis spins a colorful narrative, separating myth from fact, in 365 vignettes. The reader will learn the stories of Davy Crockett, Wild Bill Hickok, and Annie Oakley; travel to the O.K. Corral and Dodge City; ride with the Pony Express; and witness the invention of the Colt revolver.  Scheduled to appear in the June issue of Chatelaine, the book is sure to be a hit with dad's come June 19th.  Yee-hah!

Who doesn't love origami?  Whether you are 10 or 100, this book will knock your socks off with a range of projects for the home, office, or as a simple homemade gift for your favorite aunt.  There are practical items including a newspaper basket made from newspapers, and thoughtful touches, such as handcrafted gift boxes and a flower-like wine bottle embellishment.  Canadian Living was as excited as we were about the book - check out the rave review on their craft blog here.

Bake a batch of these for mom this weekend, and you've covered all your bases: an edible bouquet of flowers and a sweet treat for dessert!  If you need a recipe, check out the Canadian Family blog which ran an excerpt for the cupcake pictured above from Dress Your Cupcake by Joanna Farrow (ISBN: 9780600621454 / $17.99).  The recipe was also included in their Mother's Day newsletter which went out to subscribers across the country on Monday.

Required reading for anyone who has a soft spot for the late icon who freed women from corsets and long skirts.  I love this book, and was thrilled to see it make the shortlist for Vitamin Daily's Mother's Day gift guide.  It is also tentatively scheduled to be featured in an ode to menswear in the August issue of Canadian Living.  Much more to come!

An excerpt entitled 'What is a Medical Emergency?'was featured on the popular baby blog My Sweet Baby. The article explains the difference between an incident that warrants a 911 call, and one that requires a trip to the emergency room.  Things all good parents SHOULD know, but if you have any doubts (and what good parent doesn't?) pick up a copy of Toddler 411 at your local bookstore and get to readin'!

Excellent book featured on an excellent blog.  Carrots 'N' Cake was reviewed on Oh She Glows, and given away to one of the blogs lucky followers.  On another note, I found this email exchange on author Tina Haupert's blog the other day, and it filled me with the excitement she must have felt hearing that a publisher was interested in having her write a book.  Some fun reading for those of you with the dream of getting published.  You never know, if you work really, really hard, and document your life online daily for the whole world to see and read, you too could get an email that changes your life forever (oh, and a book deal too!).