MM  ̶  Personal: From the Personal Archives of Marilyn Monroe is a beautiful look behind the veil of the legend, featuring fascinating relics from her private archive—once thought to have been lost, and never before revealed to the public.  MM was recently reviewed  on this website devoted to the “blonde bombshell,” and will be reviewed in ELLE Canada magazine in May.  

More Crazy Sexy Diet coverage on the Animal Voices radio show in Vancouver.  The host and special guests chat about the cleanse, the cure, the pros and cons of juicing, and raw goddess Kris Carr.


A quick shout out to OWL Magazine who turns 35 this June!!  Happy Birthday OWL – hoot hoot!  Horton Halfpott by Tom Angleberger (author of The Strange Case of Origami Yoda) will be reviewed in their anniversary issue on newsstands late May.    


Fighting the static, dry hair of winter?  Need some advice on how to smooth out those sad knees and elbows?  Nigel Barker to the rescue!  Nigel Barker’s Beauty Equation to be featured alongside an interview with the reality tv judge in a special interest report on hair and skin care to be included in the Toronto Star on March 30th, 2011.


The legendary Gore Vidal will be interviewed in person at a lecture taking place at McGill University on April 29th and will also take part in a public discussion with Michael Enright from the CBC on April 30th as part of the CBC Blue Literary Series.  Both events take place in Montreal and are organized by the Blue Metropolis Foundation.  For more information on times and locations, click here.

Kraken : The Curious Exciting and Slightly Disturbing Science of Squid by Wendy Williams will be reviewed on CBC Radio by Michael Bhardwaj this Thursday on a weekly science program which discusses what is new and interesting in science and natural history.  Squid are fascinating, really they are.  I promise! 


Portraits of the Mind author Carl Schoonover is the keynote speaker tonight, at an event kicking off the first every national brain awareness month in Canada.  Keep your eyes open for upcoming interviews with the author in FASHION magazine, The Globe and Mail, CHATELAINE Magazine, and on

Dan Abrams, author of Man Down : Proof Beyond a Reasonable Doubt That Women Are Better Cops Drivers Gamblers Spies World Leaders Beer Tasters Hedge Fund Managers and Just About Everything Else (I know, it is a mouthful) is everywhere these days!!  Turn on your tv any morning this week and you are likely to get a glimpse of the handsome, terminally-single, well-known television legal analyst asserting that women are superior to men.  Abrams explains with tangible, scientific proof why women are better than men in just about every way imaginable, including some ways that people may find surprising:

  • Women get over breakups faster
  • Women tolerate pain better
  • Women are better competitive eaters
  • Women get ready faster than men
  • Women have better muscular endurance
  • Women are better at gathering mushrooms in a remote part of Mexico
  • And more . . .

An interview with Micah Toub from The Globe and Mail ran last week – take a peek here, and stay tuned to our blog for more. . .