I can't say it better than this reviewer did from Booklist magazine, (who gave it a starred review, and to quote, "crime fiction rarely gets as good as this"), except to re-iterate the fact that I really did have a tough time putting the book down as the story twists and turns with the inevitable intersection and collision of each of the characters in this amazing new thriller.  It is due to hit store shelves on January 4th.  Oh yeah, and this novel won the Swedish Crime Writers award for fiction in 2009, which happens to be the same award that Steig Larrson won for The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo the year previous. http://www.roslund-hellstrom.com/three-seconds-booklist-usa-starred-review/

Jan 2011. 486 p. Sterling/Silver Oak, hardcover, $29.95. (9781402785924).