KnittingIn light of the recent launch of our The Crafty Reader website, the following article is of particular interest. Industry news site says that crafts and UK craft book sales have thrived during the recession. In addition, Mel Arora, books marketing manager for GMC Publications and Distribution has this to say about the effect online content is having on book sales:

"It will impact, we are waiting to see. But it's difficult [to do projects online]. There's something about a book you can lay down flat. It's a worry, but it doesn't seem to be affecting sales at the moment. I'm not patronising [our core readers]—they are web-savvy—but there's still a culture of patterns, books and magazines."

The most important point here is that fans or followers of certain topics or activities will consume online content alongside printed book content (at least for now). And if that's the case, then one can certainly help to promote the other.

The question is, what topics lend themselves to this kind of arrangement?