I just finished reading Seth Godin’s newest book, Linchpin: Are You Indispensable.   I should point out that this is not a book that Manda sells or has any vested interest in, so the fact that I feel compelled to write about it, tells you that it left an impression.  And given that this blog is for people who love books, I have to assume that you are interested in hearing about any and all books of merit. It is a business book, a marketing book, a career book, and in my mind a self-help book.  In short, he insists that whatever it is you do, doing it with anything less than a passionate interest is a waste of your time.  He also insists on acting with conviction, independence and creativity regardless of your workplace, and anything less is reason to re-examine your line of work and/or your workplace.  He refers to this as being and acting as an artist.  As importantly, he insists on delivering, or as he calls it, “shipping”.  Creating an idea, gaining consensus if possible, but moving forward regardless.  Making mistakes perhaps, but shipping.  Always shipping.  And always striving to add energy and creativity and emotional intelligence in becoming a linchpin in your organization and in all of your creations.

What I loved about this book is that in the process of forcing me to think about the value that not only I bring to work each day, but also what each individual has the potential to bring to the workplace, it also forced me to examine the spirit and the motivation that I bring to work and to any social or community interaction.  In the end, I gained insight into how I want to work and what I hope others choose to bring to their work, but also to some extent, how I want to live.

Carey Low