Founded in 1977, CANADIAN MANDA GROUP is a leading sales agency of books, stationery and gift products, offering renowned international and local publishers to retailers, libraries and wholesalers.  

Our team is comprised of a strong network of enthusiastic and devoted individuals, who bring a deep understanding of publishing to their jobs. We're one of the largest commission sales forces anywhere in North America.  With 20 staff members, our company has representatives in Vancouver, Calgary, Toronto and Montreal who offer sales, marketing and logistical support to specialty shops, museums, bookshops and wholesalers across our beautiful nation.  



Nick Smith
President & Partner
Tel: 416.516.0911 x236

Carey Low
Vice President & Partner
Tel: 416.516.0911 x237

Peter Hill-Field
Sales Director & Partner
Tel: 416.516.0911 x238


At CANADIAN MANDA GROUP everyone contributes to the team in their own unique way whether it's by being the on-trend special markets expert, the resident young adult aficionado or the type A data wizard - we enjoy working together to bring our clients the best possible service and care. 

National Accounts

Chris Hickey
National Account Manager
Tel: 416.516.0911 x229

Emily Patry
National Account &
Communications Manager
Tel: 416.516.0911 x230

Anthony Iantorno
National Account Manager
Tel: 416.516.0911 x242

David Farag
Sales & Marketing Coordinator, National Accounts
Tel: 416.516.0911 x248

Joanne Adams
National Account Manager
Tel: 416.516.0911 x224


Iolanda Millar
Account Manager
British Columbia, Yukon & Northern Territories
Tel: 604.662.3511 x246

Ryan Muscat
Account Manager
Ontario & Manitoba
Tel: 416.516.0911 x243

Robert Patterson
Account Manager
British Columbia
Tel: 604.662.3511 x247

Dave Nadalin
Account Manager
Tel: 416.516.0911 x400

Jean Cichon
Account Manager
Alberta, Saskatchewan & Manitoba
Tel: 403.202.0922 x245

Jacques Filippi
Account Manager
Quebec & Atlantic Provinces
Tel: 1.855.626.3222 x244


Tim Gain
National Account Manager
Library Market
Tel: 416.516.0911 x231

Nikki Turner
Account Manager
Trade & Library Market
Tel: 416.516.0911 x225

For more information on Dewey Divas and Dudes, librarian and teacher resource links, library hot lists and publisher/distributor catalogues please contact Tim Gain. 


Ellen Warwick
National Account Manager,
Special Markets
Tel: 416.516.0911 x240

Kristina Koski
Account Manager,
Special Markets
Tel: 416.516.0911 x234

Jessey Glibbery
Account Manager,
Special Markets
Tel: 416.516.0911 x228


Mark Wilson
Account Manager
Ingram Content Group
Tel: 416.516.0911 x232

For more information visit: www.ingramcontent.com


Rachel Wehniainen
Tel: 416-516-0911 x226

Please contact Rachel Wehniainen for all publicity requests including author interviews, review copies, author photos, cover images, excerpts and author events.


CANADIAN MANDA GROUP is an independent sales agency representing many different publishers.  We do not sell to the general public, but if you’d like to locate a bookstore near you that carries any of the titles we represent, please visit the Canadian Booksellers Association Find a Bookstore page.

To find the sales representative in your area please visit HOW TO ORDER AND NEW ACCOUNT INQUIRIES →